Kristel Bauer

Corporate Wellness Expert, TEDx Speaker, Host of Top 1% Podcast "Live Greatly”, Forbes 2021 Top 10 Influencer, Contributing Writer for Entrepreneur
Kristel Bauer Speaker
  • As a top female speaker, she shares life changing strategies to help companies and organizations embrace an empowering mindset, build resilience, boost confidence, and optimize mental well-being
  • Draws from her background as a healthcare provider turned entrepreneur to provide tips to create healthy and prosperous company cultures
  • Shares invaluable strategies to support the happiness, success and profitability of leadership teams and sales teams

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Kristel Bauer is a corporate wellness expert and TEDx speaker with a mission of supporting companies and Individuals on their journeys for more happiness, success & well-being. With Kristel's unique background in Integrative Psychiatry, business and media, she provides invaluable insights and strategies to empower, inspire and motivate companies, leadership and sales teams as well as other groups and organizations.

Kristel shares key insights into high-power habits, leadership development, mental well-being, peak performance, resilience, success & a modern approach to work/life balance. Using a blend of authenticity, Psychology & Science, Kristel provides insights to excel in sales and thrive as a team leader. Kristel's messaging supports company profitability while promoting vibrant company cultures with healthier and happier employees

Kristel is the creator and host of her global top 1% self-improvement podcast, Live Greatly, where she talks with the top minds about business, happiness, mindset, success and wellness.  Kristel is a contributing writer for Entrepreneur and she is an influencer in the business and wellness space having been recognized as a Top 10 Social Media Influencer of 2021 in Forbes.  As an Integrative Medicine Fellow & Physician Assistant having practiced clinically in Integrative Psychiatry, Kristel has a unique perspective into optimizing well-being and achieving success. Some companies and universities that have booked Kristel to speak include Bank of America, General Mills, Northwestern University, Quest Mindshare, Commercial Metals Company, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, NAWBO & Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science. Kristel has been featured in Forbes, Forest & Bluff Magazine & Podcast Magazine and she has contributed to Real Leaders Magazine. She has been live on ABC 7 Chicago, WGN Daytime Chicago & Ticker News.

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Kristel Bauer Speaking Reel | Happiness & Success In Work/Life

Redefining Work/Life Balance in a COVID-19 World

Kristel Bauer's Media Reel | Media Wellness Expert

Find Your Imperfect Happy: In the relentless pursuit of business excellence, it’s easy to overlook the crucial role happiness plays in organizational success. But let’s not dismiss it as mere sentimentality; happiness directly impacts the bottom line.  Research demonstrates that happier leaders cultivate more engaged and productive teams. Happier employees aren’t just more satisfied—they’re more efficient, innovative, and resilient in the face of challenges. But how can employees lean into happiness in their everyday work and life, even when things aren’t going as they had hoped? This isn’t about feel-good initiatives; it’s about strategic investment in your company’s most valuable asset: its people. Kristel’s keynote offers actionable strategies rooted in empirical evidence to elevate employee happiness and, by extension, organizational performance. Prioritizing happiness isn’t just a nicety—it’s a strategic imperative. It’s time to leverage the power of happiness to drive profitability, retention, and a culture of excellence within your organization. Book Kristel today and position your company for sustained success in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Leadership Development and Team Building: Embrace a Growth Mindset and Create a Culture of Excellence: Effective team building and optimal leadership require high levels of awareness, emotional intelligence, and optimal communication, but these are not areas that come naturally for many leaders and employees. Even if you think these are areas you and your team excel in, it can be all too easy to unintentionally have blind spots, especially if you are in a position of power.  Research has shown that while many people think they are self-aware, the majority don’t measure up to self-awareness criteria. Research has also shown a significant discrepancy between how leaders feel and how employees feel regarding communication. Many leaders believe they maintain a clear feedback loop within their team, when at the same time, many employees don’t feel like an appropriate feedback loop has been established. In this keynote, Kristel will share insights and actionable strategies from her experience in healthcare, integrative psychiatry, and business, to provide research-based solutions to build connection, boost emotional intelligence, enhance empathy, and develop self-awareness, all while harnessing a mindset that promotes growth, innovation, and team success.  Your group will walk away with methods to effectively manage stress, support peak performance and happiness, as well as research-backed strategies for effective communication including the importance of informal check ins and the best way to give negative and constructive feedback.  Book Kristel today to promote a vibrant, successful, and profitable company culture.

Achieving Peak Performance With High Power Habits: Research shows that your personal and professional successes are directly linked to your habits.  Your work and life are made up of a variety of daily choices, routines, and behaviors. Some may be moving you towards prosperity, success, innovation, and excellence.  Others may be keeping you stuck in a place of stagnation, or moving you in the wrong direction towards overwhelm, distraction and frustration.  In this keynote, Kristel shares invaluable research-based insights and strategies from her experience in integrative psychiatry, healthcare, and business to put your company or team ahead of the curve. Your group will discover how to effectively develop high power habits that stick, supporting peak performance and success.  Your team will learn the best times of day for peak productivity, data driven effective time blocking and break taking strategies shown to promote peak performance, as well as research backed ways to overcome procrastination. Kristel will explain why many people fail when they are looking to create a new habit as well as key evidence-based actionable strategies to optimize productivity and performance.  Book Kristel today to help your team create habits that promote organizational success and positive outcomes for many years to come.

The Future of Work: Redefining Work/Life Balance To Thrive Personally and Professionally In This New World Of Work: The old model of work/life balance is no longer applicable or effective for our current work reality.  Burnout rates among workers are at staggering levels and many employees and leaders are struggling in this new world of work. While researching this topic I ran a poll where I asked the question, “Does the idea of striving for work/life balance make you feel stressed, uncomfortable or guilty?” Almost half, 47% of respondents, chose “yes”.   The future of work requires a modern approach to successfully navigate work and life accounting for technological advances, hybrid workforces and continuous innovation occurring in the workplace. In this keynote, Kristel will share a work/life model that is in alignment with the realities of what you and your team are facing in your current work/life situation.  Kristel will provide insights to help your group get into a growth mindset, empowering them to thrive personally and professionally whether working remotely or in the office. Kristel will provide powerful and effective tools to manage stress, boost happiness, and support optimal performance wherever you work. You and your team will discover the common blocks interfering with happiness and success in work/life while learning actionable strategies that can have an immediate positive impact. Kristel will discuss the new science of micro breaks, the keys for creating high-power habits, critical components for setting healthy boundaries and more. Book Kristel today to help your group move in the direction of success, happiness, and fulfillment in all areas of work/life.

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