Wendy Borlabi

High-Performance Expert, Director of Performance and Mental Health for the Chicago Bulls
Wendy Borlabi Speaker
  • Renowned performance psychologist whose mindset-first approach to achievement has been adopted by world-class athletes, as well as Fortune 500 companies
  • Adapts insights and tools used by elite performers, like professional athletes and Navy SEALs, to help organizations spark innovation and high performance in teams for the long run
  • Leads reflective sessions that help audiences address obstacles within themselves to power individual and organizational success

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Widely respected as an innovator in unlocking high performance in teams and individuals, Dr. Wendy Borlabi possesses expert-level understanding of the mental aspects of peak performance and works alongside the world’s top athletes to help them reframe their mindsets to reach their full potential. She is the director of performance and mental health for the Chicago Bulls where her mindset-centered philosophy to mastering your field is embedded in the team’s success and prevalent at all levels of the organization and its culture.    

Exclusively represented by Leading Authorities speakers bureau, Dr. Borlabi leads a compelling exploration of the parallels of high performance in sports and business and shares adaptable strategies organizations and individuals can implement to execute at a championship level. She breaks down what separates elite performers from super elite performers, empowers audiences to move away from a psyche in which mood is a deciding factor in achievement, and shares mindset-shifting tools and behaviors anyone can apply to address anxiety and mental barriers, make progress toward their goals, and create an environment suited to optimal productivity and innovation on the path to success.

A leading sports psychologists and performance coach plying her trade to maximum impact with the Chicago Bulls, Dr. Borlabi is also an independent consultant with the NBA and is the founder of performance psychology firm Borlabi Consulting, through which she advises organizations in any industry on teamwork, elevating mental toughness, and inspiring unwavering confidence in their teams. Previously, she served as senior sports psychologist for the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), preparing the country’s top athletes for dominant performances at two Winter Olympics and one Summer Olympics. Prior to her work with the USOC, Dr. Borlabi was a senior athletic consultant at James Madison University (JMU) and spearheaded the development of the sports psychology department as a division of JMU’s athletic department.

Dr. Borlabi regularly shares her insights on mindset and high performance in leading media outlets, including ESPN, CBS Sports, CNN, and Chicago Sun-Times. In addition to serving on Under Armour’s Human Performance Council and as an advisory board member for Class Acceleration Corp, she teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in sports psychology and sports management at the University of Arizona Global Campus’ Forbes Business School. Dr. Borlabi earned her B.S. in psychology from Southwestern Oklahoma State University, followed by an M.S. in kinesiology from Georgia Southern University, and a doctorate in clinical psychology from Argosy University.

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Dr. Wendy Borlabi On The Prominence and Importance of Mental Health In Sports | We Need to Talk

Playing at Your Peak: Performance Principles for Workplace Success. A seasoned sports psychologist who serves as director of performance and mental health for the Chicago Bulls, Dr. Wendy Borlabi shares new and customized approaches to high performance on the individual and team levels rooted in mission, purpose, and a deep understanding of mindset and its role in achievement. In this session, Dr. Borlabi opens audiences’ eyes to the mental barriers that stand in the way of success and provides the same tools and strategies she has shared with elite athletes and Fortune 500 companies to help anyone in any industry adopt an athlete’s mindset to identify strengths and weaknesses within themselves and their teams, set meaningful goals, capitalize on opportunities for innovation and growth, and challenge themselves to perform beyond their best when the lights are shining brightest. 

Mindset Conquers Mood: Getting Your Head in the Game. Dr. Wendy Borlabi is a high-performance expert whose battle-tested strategies for enhancing workplace happiness and confidence have proven tried-and-true at the highest levels as the performance and mental health director for the Chicago Bulls and a former senior sports psychologist for the United States Olympic Committee. She’s a sought-after mindset consultant for organizations looking to instill grit, perseverance, and ingenuity in their teams in order to spark high productivity and performance. In this talk, Dr. Borlabi arms leaders and their teams against self-doubt, imposter syndrome, anxiety, and all of the obstacles that begin in the head and stand in the way of success outside of it. She takes the same framework that has helped guide the Bulls to victory on the court and shows audiences steps for adapting those same mindset principles as teams and individuals to boost workplace happiness, find purpose in their work, and perform when the game is on the line.

The Collective Mindset: Psychological Elements of Leading Teams to Excellence. In a riveting session focusing on levelling up group dynamics within organizations and instilling a winning mindset in every member of the team, Dr. Wendy Borlabi highlights the psychological factors that directly impact success and provides valuable insights to help leaders elevate culture and orient their teams toward shared objectives while inspiring sustainable high performance. Drawing from close to two decades of experience working with elite athletes and zeroing in on the mental aspects of their games to bring out the best in their ability, Dr. Borlabi identifies the main causes of flawed team dynamics and provides step-by-step explanations for how leaders can build cohesion, foster mission-driven teams, challenge the people they are leading and themselves, and motivate the transformation of individuals’ mindsets to spark personal and organizational success.

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