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Virtual and Hybrid Event Production, Packages, & Other Content Delivery Solutions

We’re here to ensure your meetings run smoothly whether they are in an in-person, hybrid, or virtual setting! At Leading Authorities, to aid in your event success, we offer several meeting solutions that are sure to deliver your message to your audience. For when the show just must go on, check out our Virtual Event FAQ's page.

Virtual Keynote

Virtual and Hybrid Keynote

Deliver popular keynote content in a virtual or hybrid setting to your online audience, followed by a live Q&A discussion hosted by the speaker. This exclusive package includes:

Pre-Packaged Speech on the Topic of Your Choice

  • Select one of our packaged pre-recorded speeches from industry thought leaders on a topic relevant to your audience

Live Speaker-Hosted Discussion

  • While the session content will be played on-demand, our video conference technology allows for the speaker to interact with your audience in real-time, including host live Q&A

Event Production

Our Producers work with your team to understand the event objectives and to create and execute a experience that brings a live event into your home. Whether filming, streaming, or planning the logistics, we cover each detail with precision. Our LAI Live production management team will take the lead in all production planning including:

  • Building and adapting production timelines
  • Overseeing virtual and hybrid event platform design and build, event theme design creative process, conceptual streaming program, engagement, & other virtual or hybrid ideas
  • AV and stream logistics coordination and management
  • Speaker and Talent coordination

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Speaker Graphics & Presentations

Speaker Graphics & Presentations

When organizing a hybrid or virtual event or meeting, it’s important to keep your attendees engaged with your keynote speaker. That’s why we offer visually stimulating presentation assets, to coincide with your speaker’s keynote. This offering includes:

Digital Keynote Assets

  • PPT template for presentations
  • Splash page
  • Lower thirds Speaker
  • Intro Slides

Other add-ons include:

  • PDF - can be shared digitally with viewers before/after the webcast
  • Webcast landing page
  • On-demand viewing of program recording for 6 months

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Webcasting A Speaker from A Studio

Organizing a webcast event is an agile and cost-effective meeting solution, that allows you to share insights and ideas without gathering large groups of attendees. Deliver a live streamed keynote speech to your audience, with virtual interactive features. This offering includes:

LAI Speaker Booking

  • Real-time keynote speech
  • Virtual or Hybrid Q&A Session

AV Team

  • Two mics, cameras
  • Basic accent lighting
  • Equipment needed to run videos or graphics presentations
  • Small AV crew Small furniture rental package (two chairs, side table)
  • Webcast switch package
  • Hard drive of high-resolution recording

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Executive/Organizational Video Updates

It’s important to be able to effectively communicate important information internally and externally. We offer a video update package that equips you with everything you need to deliver your message to key stakeholders. This offering includes:

Video Production

  • LAI Video studio access & On-site film producer
  • Script copywriting
  • On-site video crew (e.g. producers, editors, & cameramen)

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Custom Branded Event Microsite

The Leading Authorities Custom Branded Microsite is a one-stop-shop for remote attendees – a central home for all your virtual event resources. The LAI team will design a custom microsite that is fully branded for your event. Get assistance with accessing top talent, producing professional videos, engaging a remote audience, and more.

Packaged, Easily-Accessible Content

  • Package and host all resources related to your event in one place. This could include but not limited to: session recordings, presentation slide decks, blog articles, and links to register for future events.

Custom Graphics

  • Create a home for your virtual and hybrid events and content that extends your brand experience and delivers real-time information and education.

We can design visually stimulating assets like presentations, promotional event graphics, post-event resources, and more.

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Live-Streaming New or Existing Events

You can also take your events online with our virtual live streaming package. This offering includes:

AV Team

  • LAI Live event producers, logistics director, and on-site AV team

Webcast Production

  • Full AV set-up with two 16:9 screens, projectors, & cameras
  • Drape with for stage backdrop and screen dress kits
  • Mic package for multiple speakers or panel sessions
  • Lighting Stage Wash Video & graphics playback
  • Speaker support package: 1 DSM, Speaker Timer, Perfect Cue
  • Appropriately sized AV crew
  • Medium furniture rental package (five chairs with side tables)
  • Livestream switch package
  • Hard-drive of high res records

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Podcast (Audio-Only or Video Interview)

Offering candid and consistent content on a regular basis is an extremely efficient way to communicate with your audience. We offer an all-exclusive podcast package that includes:

LAI Video Team

  • Helps facilitate podcast recording
  • LAI studio or location of clients’ choosing

Video Production (Optional)

  • Film in-studio conversation

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