Ginny Clarke

Former Director, Executive Recruiting at Google and Holistic Leadership Strategist
  • Led Google executive recruiting team, and built the Internal Mobility Program for their senior leaders, and their Diversity Program to support inclusive executive hiring
  • Former Partner at global executive search firm, Spencer Stuart, where she co-founded and led their Global Diversity Practice
  • Executive roles in financial services and commercial real estate organizations
  • Delivers insightful speeches on talent and leadership, hiring and retention, diversity, the “War for Talent,” career management and internal mobility and individual and organizational resilience
  • Author of Career Mapping: Charting Your Course in the New World of Work (2011), a career framework for all workers and their organizations

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Dedicated to helping leaders create the conscious workplace for tomorrow, Ginny Clarke has advised at the highest levels of corporate America for decades. A proven expert in driving diverse leadership, she is the former director of executive recruiting at Google, where she led the company’s diversity, non-tech recruiting, and leadership internal mobility teams – finding and hiring senior leaders across the company. She also built a scaled internal mobility program for Google’s senior leaders to advance within the organization, and designed much of the infrastructure that supports their executive recruiting function today.

In speeches, Clarke draws on her unparalleled experience inside corporate C-Suites and boardrooms helping thousands of executives up their game and elevate their careers to bring a unique, holistic five-dimensional approach to true leadership that is essential now more than ever. A systems thinker who deconstructs processes and behaviors to carefully assess organizational and individual capability, she inspires and uplifts groups by helping them scale mobility opportunities for all, bring conscious awareness to both the workplace and life, and navigate the future of work. Exclusively represented by Leading Authorities speakers bureau, Clarke delivers “no-holds-barred” discussions on the root causes that lead to a lack of diversity in organizations, and provides the thoughtful, integrated solutions that anyone can use to affect change as we transition into a new era in the workplace.

Prior to Google, Clarke was a partner at Spencer Stuart, the global executive search firm based in Chicago. For 12 years, she worked in the firm’s financial services and financial officer practices, and co-founded and led their global diversity practice. Drawing upon her breadth and depth of experience, Clarke wrote the book titled Career Mapping: Charting Your Course in the New World of Work, providing a framework that empowers individuals to plot and assess their professional competencies and strategically navigate their careers. After the book was published, she ran her own executive search and talent management firm for three years before becoming a senior partner for executive search in the U.S. at Knightsbridge, a Canadian human capital solutions firm.

Clarke started her career in banking at First National Bank of Chicago (now Chase). After a short stint, she spent a number of years in the real estate investment management business with Jones Lang LaSalle and Prudential Real Estate Investors, where she was responsible for asset management, portfolio management, capital raising, and client servicing.

She is now the CEO of Ginny Clarke, LLC, her own talent and leadership consulting business, as well as the host of Fifth Dimensional Leadership, a podcast for leaders, thinkers, and future-makers covering topics like power, personal branding, self-awareness, networking, fear, and career management. Clarke previously served as an entrepreneur in residence for HearstLab, advising the organization’s leaders on the future of work and how to approach areas such as culture, hiring, and performance evaluation as the way we work continues to evolve.

Clarke earned her BA in French and Linguistics from the University of California at Davis, and her MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School. She is the single mother of an adult son, Julian, who works in the entertainment industry.

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Speaker Video

Ginny Clarke: Building More Conscious Workplaces

Ginny Clarke: The Great Resignation and the War for Talent

Executive Interview: Google - Diversity in Leadership

Success Tips: How to Ace the Interview - Raising Your Hand For Opportunities

Employee Retention: Addressing the “Great Resignation” and the “War for Talent.” As organizations navigate their way through the rapidly shrinking workforce and the implications on their productivity and growth, retention has become the rallying cry of the day in light of the “Great Resignation.” While we all seem to be able to point to what employees want, we don’t seem to be giving it to them. Having been an executive recruiter at a top global firm and the architect behind Google’s Internal Mobility Program for senior leaders, Ginny Clarke provides an expert perspective on the issues driving the current “War for Talent.” In this talk, she shares the intricacies of how to fortify your talent infrastructure to not only retain your top talent, but to attract new talent in support of your strategic objectives.

The Future of Work Begins with Conscious Leadership Today. Whisperings about the future of work have developed into full-fledged conversations. Still, we haven’t yet arrived at a consensus on what exactly the future of work entails and how leaders can position their organizations and their people for success during such a transformative period in the workplace and beyond. Bringing a holistic perspective from inside some of the world’s leading organizations, Ginny shares her sought-after insights and wisdom on the ways conscious, effective leaders can get the best out of their people and, in turn, create high-performing teams for the future. In this talk, she outlines the importance of beginning with organizational health when guiding your workforce into the future — paying special attention to how to assess, attract, and hire the best talent, and establish a culture rooted in accountability, trust, integrity, and inclusion. Ginny goes beyond ideas and, instead, offers leaders practical tactics and processes for optimizing talent, resources, productivity, and profitability to create a disruption-proof workplace that is equipped for the long run.

You Don’t Have a Diversity Problem, You Have a Leadership Problem. Ginny brings her unique perspective on leadership having recently led diversity, internal mobility and non-tech recruiting for Google’s executive recruiting function, as well as having co-founded the Diversity Practice for global search firm, Spencer Stuart. She has been in corporate boardrooms and C-suites assessing and advising leaders for nearly 25 years. She has a deep understanding of how to fairly assess all talent and build that capability in your organization. She takes the provocative view that leaders can be the ailment or the remedy for corporate America’s “Diversity Problem.” She suggests that we are not getting to root causes and that amounts to “Organizational Malpractice,” which can leave the organization weaker than when the treatment started. In this “no-holds-barred” talk, she offers solutions to the root causes that have led to a lack of diversity in our organizations.

Workplace Transformation: Defining Your Culture Through Leadership. Through her extensive work with leadership assessment and hiring, Ginny has experienced and witnessed the impact — both positive and negative — that leaders’ behaviors can have on an organization’s culture. Concluding that organizational culture is largely an amalgam of the behaviors of senior leaders, she shines a light on some critical leadership responsibilities such as managing conflict, decision making, dealing with ambiguity, that when handled poorly have unintended consequences, such as diminished leadership credibility, low employee morale, weakened financial performance and a toxic workplace and culture. Luckily, she offers personal stories and case studies for getting a successful start and remediating troubled situations.

Claiming Your Success: Leading from Where You Are. Operating inside of and with highly competitive and complex organizations, Ginny had to develop her own principles to be and remain a strong and effective leader, while maintaining her physical, mental, and emotional health. She shares her mindset of “Free Agency,” that says you own your career, her commitment to personal mastery, her approach to getting what she needed from her employers — all in the name of moving the organization forward and being a healthy, happy, and successful leader — on her terms.

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