Larry Brudnicki

Legendary U.S. Coast Guard Captain, The Perfect Storm
Larry Brudnicki
  • Uses personal experience in USCG to teach effective leadership
  • Appeared on ABC, The History Channel and Discovery
  • Applies high pressure situations to everyday decision making
  • Brings teams closer with actionable insights from “The Perfect Storm”

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Captain Larry Brudnicki is the perfect speaker to motivate and inspire audiences. His presentation style is fast paced and interesting, striking a perfect balance between humor and real-life drama, as he tells a true story of leadership, teamwork, courage and risk management strategies that were responsible for the successful rescues of the crew of a sailboat and an Air National Guard H-60 helicopter during the worst storm in more than 100 years.

He is the real-life Captain of the Coast Guard ship that performed two dramatic rescues during the worst storm in more than 100 years, which became known as "The Perfect Storm" and inspired the book that was on The New York Times best-seller list and the blockbuster movie.

You have seen Captain Brudnicki on ABC, The History Channel, The Learning Channel, Discovery, The Travel Channel, and The Weather Channel. Now listen to his first hand account of how he made life and death decisions, and motivated his crew to perform their best in conditions that are beyond imagination. His presentation is inspiring and uplifting, benefiting individuals, groups or organizations that make decisions, act as teams or employ the elements of risk management.

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Speaker Video

Perfect Storm Solutions - Larry Brundnicki

The Perfect Storm: Courage Under Pressure. A powerful and inspirational keynote that relates Captain Brudnicki's legendary experiences on the high seas. Ride with him as he relives the dramatic story of two daring rescue missions during the worst weather in more than 100 years! Learn how courage and leadership helped him not only survive, but succeed in the hostile environment of The Perfect Storm! (45 Minutes)

Leadership Secrets from The Perfect Storm: 7 Steps to Making the Right Decision Every Time. Against the backdrop of the The Perfect Storm, this keynote provides the perfect balance between inspiration and application. The audience will see the seven steps in action along with examples of the courage, leadership, and teamwork that are necessary to triumph in our uncertain business climate. Through practical lessons learned from his experiences, the audience acquires powerful tools to make correct decisions even in the most difficult circumstances. (60 Minutes)

Setting and Achieving Goals as a Team: 10 Steps to Implement & 10 Pitfalls to Avoid. The dynamics of goal setting for a team is much different than it is for an individual due to the interaction between team members. The audience will gain insight into why the team and its leader must create the right atmosphere, the importance of acting with the power of focus, and what the organization must do to provide the right environment. When the team implements the right steps and avoids the pitfalls, their chance of achieving their goals increases exponentially (90 Minutes)

Managing Risk in Turbulent Times. This presentation is the perfect follow-on to the keynote: Leadership Secrets from The Perfect Storm: Seven Steps to Making the Right Decision Every Time. By using examples from other extraordinary missions he led, Captain Brudnicki goes into greater depth to illustrate the seven steps for assessing risk and managing projects. The audience will see how this process can be used to make decisions about new ventures, improve project management, and make clear, competent assessments of daily operations. Risk can not be eliminated, but it can be managed. (Two hours)

Application Session: Managing Risk in Turbulent Times. This half day session will use case studies and examples from your company or organization to see the 7 Step Risk Management--Decision Making process in action. Audience members will gain hands-on experience assessing risk by using examples pertinent to their jobs. Participants will learn to become more comfortable making difficult decisions even in situations they can not control when they do not like their options. (Four hours)

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