Louise Hulland

Sony Award-Winning Journalist, Documentary Maker, TV & Radio Presenter
Louise Hulland
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Louise is a Sony Award winning journalist, documentary maker, TV & radio presenter.

As a journalist, Louise has more than a decade of experience in news, current affairs and documentaries. As a reporter & news producer for the BBC and ITN, Louise has worked on some of the biggest stories of the last decade; experienced and versatile, she’s a well-respected and confident broadcaster. Louise also writes for Independent Voices and the Huffington Post.

Behind the scenes, Louise has worked for BBC Radio 1 and 2, including as a producer for Steve Wright and the late Sir Terry Wogan. She was named an Up and Coming Radio star by The Independent when her first documentary won a Gold Sony Radio Academy Award.  Missing the Message was broadcast on BBC Radio 1 and won rave reviews and she then went on to produce a BBC Radio 4 documentary called Ladies on the Door.

For TV, Louise has produced two highly acclaimed documentaries for ITV2 on the death of Amy Winehouse and produced The Krays: The Prison Years for Discovery. In addition to this, Louise also fronted two investigative crime documentaries, which she devised and produced for London Live.

TV credits as a presenter and reporter include:

  • The One Show (BBC1)
  • Watchdog (BBC1)
  • Watchdog Daily (BBC1)
  • Inside Out (BBC1)
  • Live with Gabby (C5)
  • Mysteries at the Museum (Travel Channel USA)
  • Celebrity Trolls: We’re Coming to Get You (C5)

On the radio, Louise has her first on-air feature for BBC Radio 4 coming soon and is a freelance journalist on the BBC’s World Service. She can be regularly heard as a guest presenter on BBC Local Radio, including BBC Manchester and BBC London to name but a few. A confident and engaging corporate host and facilitator, Louise works closely with a number of charities, also supporting and driving various campaigns for social change.

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