Mark Bryan

Senior Foresight Manager, Future Today Institute
Mark Bryan smiling in front of a dark gray background while wearing black glasses
  • Foresight leader who helps organizations make sense of emerging trends and advises on how to pivot their businesses and workforces accordingly
  • Ties together principles of psychology, culture, and human behavior to create future-focused growth strategies tailored to organizations and their industries
  • Demonstrates to groups how to leverage new trends and tech to unlock opportunities to innovate and develop disruptive cultures

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What makes Mark Bryan one of the world’s leading futurists is his proven mastery advising organizations on the trends and tech that will disrupt their industries, and his inventive approaches for adapting to an ever-evolving business environment. He is the senior foresight manager at the Future Today Institute, a leading foresight and strategy firm founded by world renowned futurist Amy Webb. In his role, he supports leaders and their organizations in developing and implementing customized, forward-looking strategies that position them years ahead of their competitors and expedite their journeys to their desired futures. Bryan’s expertise spans across industries — having worked alongside national retail brands, higher education institutions, nonprofits, multi-family developers, and large corporate clients to evolve them from market leaders to market innovators.  

Exclusively represented by Leading Authorities speakers bureau, Bryan leads a mind-bending conversation focusing on the principles of psychology, culture, and human behavior that are shaping the future of business. With a dynamic speaking style and an uncanny ability to explain and apply complex concepts in a way that resonates clearly with groups, Bryan explores the trends in tech, workplace design, consumer and employees behavior, sustainability, and society as he paints a compelling picture of what’s ahead in this rapidly changing world while demonstrating the ways in which leaders and their teams can think like futurists to identify the forces that will influence the future of their organizations, and industries. With insights gathered from explorations into the convergence of innovation, science, and culture, he spurs audiences to begin thinking about how they can apply future-focused strategies to keep their businesses at the leading edge and position themselves for sustained success.  

At the Future Today Institute, Bryan leads the firm’s Built Environment, Hospitality, Retail, Restaurants, & CPG Practice. In his daily work, he helps organizations navigate the opportunities and challenges related to topics such as workplace strategy and culture; retail experiences; regenerative practices; supply chain and logistics; and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Previously, he worked as a workplace strategist, designer and design researcher, and futurist for clients across the country, most recently as the director of innovation & research and senior interior designer at MA Design.

Bryan’s thought leadership on the future of business, work, and everyday life is regarded as highly authoritative by the business world’s most respected leaders, influencers, and publications. He has authored several articles on wide-ranging “future of” topics and his insights have been published in Fast Company and more of the top business media outlets. The recipient of two 2022 “40 Under 40” awards, Bryan is a founding member of the International Interior Design Association Equity Council and a National Council for Interior Design Qualification certified senior interior designer. He is certified by the University of California, Berkeley in using resiliency to combat stress at work and has used those learnings to help develop research on spaces that combat workplace burnout.

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The Trends That Are Reshaping Business, and the World. With an eye toward the future while continuing to manage the challenges and opportunities of today, leading futurist Mark Bryan takes audiences on a journey into the coming years as he introduces them to the emerging trends and tech that will completely revolutionize the ways we live, work, and do business. As Bryan walks through the interconnectedness of the latest and forthcoming breakthroughs in tech, science, workplace culture, consumer and employee behavior, and society, he outlines his tried-and-true framework for how leaders and their teams can pinpoint the trends and tech that will kickstart a culture of innovation within their organizations, while providing a starting point for developing disruptive strategies that align with their objectives and values. Bryan gets organizations thinking about their businesses in new and unique ways and embracing the possibilities for creating their desired futures.

Your Industry in 5, 10, and 20 Years. As the senior foresight manager at the Future Today Institute, Mark Bryan advises companies of all sizes and across various industries on the direction in which their marketplace is headed — today, tomorrow, and in the years ahead. From Web3 to AI and everything in between, Bryan delves into the emerging trends and disruptive technologies that are making waves in business and society, zeroes in on their potential impact on your group’s specific industry, and explores how these advancements will revolutionize business models, customer experiences, and workforce dynamics.

In his daily work, Bryan guides national retail brands, higher education institutions, nonprofits, multi-family developers, and large corporate clients on strategies that will keep them ahead of the curve and their competition, and shares valuable insights for how groups can do the same within their own organizations. Bryan’s industry foresight expertise includes, but is not limited to:

  • Retail
  • Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitality
  • Design
  • Higher Education
  • Communities & Cities

Bryan takes the conversation into the future and offers audiences data-driven foresight and strategic guidance that will enable them to innovate, pivot with purpose, and maintain stability, sustainability, and a competitive advantage in their industries.

Strategies for Building Future-Ready Workplaces. In addition to introducing organizations to what the future of their industries will look like, Mark Bryan also opens their eyes to what the future will look like within their own walls. As a leading workplace strategist, Bryan is among the first to identify the factors that are changing the workplace as we know it, and is sought after by top organizations for insights into what it all means for their people, teams, and operations. From remote and hybrid work becoming the norm to the rise of new technologies and changing attitudes toward the traditional workplace experience, Bryan tackles the tough questions on how current and emerging trends will redefine the workplace experience and the nature of work itself. Pairing his observations of where the workplace is headed with actionable steps for adapting to the changes before they take place, Bryan equips leaders with practical tactics for integrating technology to support their people and business, as well as recruiting, retaining, and meeting the needs of the individuals who will continue to power their organization in the new era of work.

Sustainability as a Competitive Business Advantage. When advising organizations on how to arrive at their desired futures, Mark Bryan emphasizes the importance of prioritizing sustainability to ensure a better future for the environment as well. Drawing from his experiences implementing sustainability strategies that create impact, Bryan unveils a blueprint for a thriving world in which ecological balance, social harmony, and economic prosperity can all coexist. With a focus on practical solutions and transformative innovation, he reveals the steps any organization can take to drive their business forward while operating in support of causes that benefit the environment, their communities, and the world. Pointing to new technologies, systemic changes, and the power of collective action, he explores the untapped potential for businesses to boost their bottom line, while working toward the betterment of the planet.

Environmental, Social, and Governance: Balancing People, Planet, and Profit. As environmental, social, and governance principles become a must-have for organizations looking to attract investment, Mark Bryan reveals how integrating ESG principles is not only a moral imperative, but also a strategic opportunity for businesses and organizations. Pointing to relevant data, market trends, and real-life examples, Bryan demonstrates the ways in which ESG practices can drive innovation, enhance an organization’s reputation, spark growth, and create long-term value. With a keen focus on what’s ahead, Bryan discusses the evolving landscape of ESG standards, regulations, and reporting frameworks, and sheds light on the growing importance of stakeholder engagement and the increasing demand for sustainability-driven investments. In this keynote Bryan lays the groundwork for leaders and their organizations to develop customized ESG strategies that align with their business objectives and go above and beyond to elevate people and the planet, and attract conscious investment.

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