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Matthew Griffin

Co-Founder and CEO, Combat Flip Flops
  • Former member of the elite Army Special Operation Forces
  • Co-founded Combat Flip Flops with a fellow Ranger after witnessing the positive effects of economic growth in conflict areas
  • Known for his moving TedX talk and his successful appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank, where he secured a deal with three "sharks" including Mark Cuban
  • Discusses leadership lessons learned in service, the importance of a purpose-driven culture, and how to work with millennials
Topics & Types
EntrepreneurshipCorporate Social Responsibility Inspiration & MotivationLeadershipMilitary Leaders
Matthew “Griff” Griffin is the co-founder and CEO of Combat Flip Flops, a footwear and apparel company that sells goods manufactured in conflict and post-conflict zones. Griffin founded Combat Flip Flops in 2006, after graduating from West Point and serving four tours of duty as an Army Ranger in Afghanistan and Iraq. The company uses their profits to aid the areas in which they are made as a part of Griffin’s mission to encourage peace through trade and “business over bullets.” A powerful and emotional speaker, Griffin is known for a moving TEDx talk on the power of persistence, creativity, and respect, as well as for his successful appearance on the entrepreneurial television show, ABC's Shark Tank, where he secured a deal with not only one but three “sharks” including Mark Cuban. Exclusively represented by Leading Authorities, Inc. speakers bureau, Griffin is a firm believer that “anything worth doing is worth overdoing” and shares his inspiring and motivating story of chasing big goals and creating positive change with audiences globally.

A graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point with a degree in engineering management, Griff served in the 75th Ranger Regiment as a Rifle Company Fire Support Officer, with three tours to Afghanistan and one tour to Iraq. Post military, he moved to the private sector as the Director of Military Sales for Remote Medical International and the Director of Special Operations for Protect the Force.

After leaving the Army, Griffin specialized in developing solutions for companies growing business in "difficult" locations, which led to the development of Combat Flip Flops, now a $1 million retailer of shoes and accessories. The company currently operates in Afghanistan, Laos, and Colombia, helping local populations pull themselves out of poverty. Proceeds are additionally used to put Afghan girls in school and to help clear mines from war-ravaged lands in Laos.

In addition to his work with Combat Flip Flops, Griffin currently serves as a logistics officer for Team 5 Foundation, an organization comprised of veteran and medical volunteers who travel to remote areas across the globe providing medical assistance to those in need.

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