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Matthew Oczkowski

President, Data Propria
  • Oversaw data strategy, polling, and prediction models for Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign
  • Blends political science, big-data, and behavioral psychology to influence voter and consumer decision making
  • Correctly predicted voter turnout and charted the path to a Trump victory before anyone else
  • Uses powerful visuals and informative data to explain where we’ve been, and where we’re going
Topics & Types
PoliticsAI, Machine Learning, & Big DataConsumer BehaviorDecision MakingPollsters & Public Opinion Experts

Matt Oczkowski is the President of Data Propria. Throughout his career, he has worked at the intersection of where product development meets data science to forecast, predict, and analyze commercial markets and American elections. In a data-driven presentation, full of powerful visuals and analytics, Matt charts the story of where we’ve been over the past several years as a country and where we’re headed in the years to come.

Oczkowski is the former co-founder of HuMn Behavior, a company founded on the driving idea of understanding what motivates individuals to take action and how to harness that on behalf of clients in the commercial and political spaces.

Oczkowski also served as Head of Product for Cambridge Analytica, where he most notably ran the team of embedded technical specialists inside the Trump Campaign that led to the scientific understanding of the eventual outcome of the election—a scenario that pundits missed. As the lead data strategist for the Trump campaign, he was responsible for crafting a path to victory, generating models to target priority states, and creating a travel plan that maximized electoral success. Running more than 1,500 surveys a week in key battleground states to get the most accurate polling data, his team successfully predicted the trends that played out during the election, leading to an accurate forecast of the electoral outcome in all but two states.

Previously, he served as Chief Digital Officer for US Governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin for three years, running his data and technology operations through the 2014 reelection and 2016 presidential run. Matt continues to play a senior role in analyzing the political landscape of the country on behalf of dozens of political figures and organizations.

Using tactics from the worlds of behavioral science, growth hacking, machine learning, sentiment analysis, and NLP, Oczkowski successfully connects behavioral dots together to make informed decisions about groups of people.

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