Nick Seneca Jankel

Thought Leader & Author, Breakthrough Innovation & Leadership
  • 25 years spent developing a brain-based methodology for transformation to get orgs such as LEGO, Unilever, HSBC and Nike match fit for the future
  • Author of numerous books on leadership, the 4th Industrial Revolution and transformation, one of which is an international bestseller
  • Uses take-away tools and experiential exercises to drive agility, adaptability and digital transformation

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Nick Jankel is a sought-after and highly-regarded professional international keynote speaker who inspires, motivates, and transforms people all over the world to forge the future—and not fail it. He helps people take the pain out of business/digital/ sustainable transformation, blast through the barriers that block innovation/change, and transform the dysfunctions of teams by galvanizing creativity, energy, and action where it counts most.

Nick has many hard-won insights from working with C-Suite leaders and fast-growth entrepreneurs for over 20 years on the frontlines of disruption, delivering many strategic innovation projects to drive exponential value and transform markets. Uniquely, he also has powerful truths from over 15 years supporting leaders to develop their inner capabilities too, helping over 70,000 people develop the cognitive complexity and embodied wisdom needed to successfully wrestle breakthroughs from the jaws of change, challenge, and crisis.

In the process, Nick cracked the code of transformation, developed a rigorous yet accessible neuroscience-led methodology and toolset for leading transformation as fast as humanly possible. Bio-Transformation Theory & Practice® cuts through treacle, resistance, and apathy; engages hearts and minds to move beyond ideas to drive purposeful impact; and ensures leaders can seize opportunities to create world-changing innovations before others. It includes a cohesive “Cell to System” curriculum for unleashing transformational leadership; and a comprehensive and cohesive process and scalable toolset for unlocking transformational innovation (especially in billion-dollar, purpose-driven, and net-positive new business models).

In his talks, Nick, a former medic, uses the latest biology to show that every person is “born to transform”, but that old thinking and habits get in the way of the continuous transformations they need to stay relevant in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world. He shows all—using sticky ideas, compelling narratives, urgent insights, beautiful imagery, takeaway transformation tools, and his inimitable presence on stage (whether virtual or physical)—how to break through barriers and blockages to release the incredible power of transformation.

Nick has a Triple 1st (summa cum laude) from Cambridge University in medical science and philosophy of science. He has worked with senior leaders from HSBC, Boots Walgreens, Unilever, Lego, Diageo, Google, Nike, Merck, Wal-Mart, NHS to name but a few; has led systemic change programs with WWF, Oxfam, and the Green Building Council; has taught entrepreneurs and social innovators on 4 continents; and has lectured at world-class universities including Yale, Oxford, SciencesPo, UCL, and London Business School. Nick was chosen to host his own global BBC TV series as a transformational coach; is regularly interviewed on AI and emerging tech on international news; has been featured in the Financial Times and The Economist; advised No.10 Downing Street on innovation; and helped innovate the most successful TV show of all time. He started his first business age 24 to disrupt the marketing industry and is the author of a number of books on creativity, leadership and change, including Now Lead The Change: Repurpose Your Career, Future-Proof Your Organization, and Regenerate Our Crisis-Hit World By Mastering Transformational Leadership (2020), which tackles key issues facing leaders as well as introducing his methodology to the everyday leader.

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Speaker Video

Nick Jankel: International Keynote Speaker Showreel 2020

Keynote Topic: Wellbeing At Work: Beat Stress and Build Strength In Teams

Keynote Topic: Become A Transformational Leader

Keynote Topic: Forging The Future Of Work: ReHumanizing & Regenerating Culture

Keynote Topic: Become A Transformational Organization: Design For Agility Without Losing Stability

Breakthrough Change and Innovation Through Leadership

The Future of Leadership

Nick Jankel: Forging the Future

How To Adapt Rapidly To Crises

  • How to turn crises into opportunities—no matter how tough the challenge is, human ingenuity can crack it
  • Why we all have the capacity for human ingenuity because of how our brains evolved (and you don’t have to be good at art or science)
  •  The two brain networks everyone needs to know about to drive growth
  • How to avoid resisting, repressing, denying or overly dramatizing crises but instead ‘metabolize’ them into value
  • The 6 spirals of transformational action to solve problem in times of uncertainty and chaos
  • Takeaway Tool Options: The Transformational Action Engine, The 3D Futures Engine, The Weak Signals Engine

Make Sense Of VUCA/Solving Complex Problems Creatively

  • Making sense of Covid-19, VUCA, and the new normal
  • Avoiding the pain of uncertainty in the brain • Making complex problems simple but not simplistic—so they can be unlocked with insight and creativity (with my 3D Futures Framework™)
  • Crises and innovation opportunities are predictable—if not inevitable—if we know how to read ‘weak signals’ of the future in the present
  • Everyday hacks for making effective and value-creating decisions in VUCA environments
  • The 6 spirals of transformational action to solve problem in times of uncertainty and chaos
  • Takeaway Tool Options: The Transformational Action Engine, The 3D Futures Engine, The 3D Futures Engine

 Build Back Bolder: Future-Proof Your Org With Transformational Innovation

  • Covid and the climate crisis are accelerators of massive market disruption
  • We can leverage new technologies to solve emerging customer needs/pain with insight and creativity
  • Transformational Innovation can help you adapt to this crisis and ‘preadapt’ to the next
  • The 7 steps of our proven pathway to lead and land transformational innovations
  • Process is not enough—you also need to nurture a culture of innovation
  • Takeaway Tool Options: The Innovation Culture Engine, The Experimentation Engine, The Problem Definition Engine etc

Become A Transformational Leader

  • Today’s complex problems can only be solved with a combination of a smart mind and an empathic heart
  • Why being the smartest room is no longer enough—or even desirable
  • The Transformational Leader is a master at both wisdom and intellect so they can drive business transformation and social regeneration
  • The 5 Stages of becoming a Transformational Leader
  • Takeaway Tool Options: The Transformational Leadership Diagnostic, The Personal Leadership Plan

The Value of A Clear & Compelling Business Purpose

  • The different kinds of purpose: business, project/team, individual
  • The potential roles for business in a crisis-hit world
  • What purpose is not (a mission, goal, KPI) and what it is (a compelling contribution to society)
  • The purpose dividend (value in terms of investor interest, profit, traction, consumer loyalty, employee retention etc) vs. the purpose premium (cost in terms of doing things differently)
  • Using purpose as a tool for leadership alignment, culture change, and team engagement
  • Takeaway Tool Options: The Leadership Purpose Engine, The Business Purpose Engine, The Team Purpose Engine

Becoming A Regenerative Business & Brand

  • The 4 major crises of the Anthropocene Age that Covid-19 accelerates
  • The unique qualities of Regenerative Brands
  • The business model and value chain ingredients that can build future-forward and purpose-driven Regenerative Businesses
  • Takeaway Tool Options: The Regenerative Brand Engine, The Regenerative Business Engine

Regenerative Tech: Making Digital Work For All

  • The spectrum of digital technologies in the 4th Industrial Revolution
  • What major technologies—from AI to Blockchain—can do to create value for your users
  • How to avoid using digital technologies just because they are new and because they can manipulate, alienate, and exploit
  • Ensuring tech develops new business models not shoring up rapidly out-dating models
  • With purpose and an understanding of living systems, we can put technology to work scale impact as well as profit and ‘leave the world better’
  • Takeaway Tool Options: The Regenerative Tech Engine

Beating Stress and Building Strength In Teams

  • Loneliness, depression, stress, and addiction are rising. These create team dysfunction and inefficiencies. They lead to burnout and breakdown
  • Biologically, people cannot be creative and adaptive when stressed and struggling
  • How to keep teams going online and offline by helping them process change, feel safe, and have clarity of what they can do to support projects best
  • How to support customers and colleagues who are confused, overwhelmed, and suffering—and get them into a creative space by ensuring they feel seen, heard, safe
  • Takeaway Tool Options: The Psychological Safety Engine, The Creative Conversations Engine

Unbreakable Resilience & Limitless Resourcefulness (incl. Growth Mindset)

  • Why our brains won’t allow us to be creative and adaptive when stressed—we need to deal with confusion, overwhelm, and worry with resilience
  • The body/mind is a 'complex adaptive system’ that can respond to stress in many different ways: we can take charge of change by building across physiological, psychological, and spiritual resilience
  • We can see chaos and change as opportunities for growth and innovation through emotional mastery (e.g. self-regulation, emotional granularity) and meaning-making mastery (e.g. story editing, bias ownership)
  • The two brain networks everyone needs to know about to drive growth—and how to work with them
  • Takeaway Tool Options: The Personal Resilience Plan, The 2 Modes Engine

Beyond Zoom Doom: Making Virtual Amazing

  • We have long run our businesses totally remotely: its been a long journey to make it work
  • How to offset physical distancing with emotional cohesion and team spirit
  • The brain & benefits of working alone vs collaboratively
  • Hacks, comms, and tech for working virtually/remotely
  • Takeaway Tool Options: The Collaboration Engine, The Team Purpose Engine, The Creative Conversations Engine

Forging The Future Of Work: ReHumanizing & Regenerating Culture

  • Social distancing and home working can further corrode the ‘working alliance’ (as are technologies and management techniques that alienate and disconnect)
  • How to to forge a renewed working alliance by balancing accountability and efficiency technologies… with connection and care techniques
  • How to borrow from the design principles of nature to nurture life-affirming dynamics in company cultures, ensuring humans will never made obsolete by machines and AI
  • Takeaway Tool Options: The Regenerative Business Engine, he Transformational Organization Engine

Become A Transformational Organization: Design For Agility Without Losing Stability

  • There is a survival necessity to allow those on the frontlines to adapt and innovate in real time with users/customers… without losing strategy, predictable returns, and efficiency
  • There is also a generational demand for flatter hierarchies and more distributed power
  • Empowerment alone does not work to unlock agility after years of learned helplessness
  • But there is way of designing organizations for transformation that blends stability & agility; productivity & purpose; and control & creativity
  • Takeaway Tool Options: The Transformational Organization Engine

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