Paul Kix

Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author, and American Journalist
  • Paul Kix is a celebrated writer known for crafting compelling stories about larger-than-life individuals facing precarious situations, while emphasizing universal truths and wisdom gained from dramatic life experiences
  • His book, "The Saboteur," was optioned by DreamWorks for a movie, showcasing his ability to create narratives with cinematic appeal
  • His GQ piece, "The Accidental Getaway Driver," was adapted into a major motion picture
  • As a deputy editor at, Paul Kix has shaped the work of notable writers, including Pulitzer-Prize winners and a MacArthur "Genius" Award recipient

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Paul Kix is a best-selling author, entrepreneur, and public speaker who shows corporate teams how they can change their present circumstances and live out the full promise of their future. Paul's public speaking is equal parts inspiration and how-to, and his presentations have benefited start-ups, mid-sized companies, non-profits (The Jimmy Carter Presidential Library) and the executive teams of Fortune 500 firms (Prudential, and Pratt & Whitney). Paul uses his two-plus decades of experience as a writer, in outlets like The New Yorker, Atlantic, Inc, and Entrepreneur, and turns to his two best-selling books, which have been optioned by DreamWorks and Radar Pictures, respectively, to drive home the story of the need to change. Paul's presentation often leaves audiences in tears. Paul lives in Connecticut with his wife and family.

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  • Pulling from his best-selling book, You Have to be Prepared to Die Before You Can Begin to Live, Paul weaves the stories and insights from civil rights activists in 1963 and shows how corporations in the present moment must also move beyond what's comfortable, move beyond who we are right now, to lead the lives of our destiny. Paul's speech is also interactive, showing leaders and their teams how they can better understand the narrative of who they are right now, so that they can not only relay who they want to be, but embody that new and better person, day in and day out. 


  • Relying on insights gained from his two decades as a writer, Paul shows corporate leaders how we are all shaped by the stories we tell ourselves. These stories mold who leaders are, how they lead their teams, and how their companies are perceived by the public. Improve the story you tell yourself, and you improve nothing less than your company's profits. Paul relies on numerous examples, his own life as a former executive at ESPN and now as an entrepreneur, and the call-and-response nature of the speech itself to drive home this point. 

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