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Paul Taylor

Author, The Next America
  • Former Executive VP of Pew Research Center
  • At the Washington Post, covered three US presidential campaigns and was South Africa bureau chief
  • Uses demographic trend data and attitudinal surveys to explain the unprecedented generational transformation of American life
  • Presents a social, racial, economic, political and technological portrait of the Millennial and post-Millennial generations

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Paul Taylor is a speaker, writer and researcher who specializes in demographic change and generational trends.

He is the author of The Next America: Boomers, Millennials and the Looming Generational Showdown (PublicAffairs) which draws on his work at the Pew Research Center, where he served as executive vice president from 2003 to 2014 and oversaw all demographic research.

Since the initial publication of the book in 2014 (with an updated edition in 2016) he has given more than 150 lectures on generational change to universities (including Yale, Stanford, NYU, Rutgers, Texas A&M, Marquette, LSU), think tanks, civic and professional organizations,  elected officials, government executives, media organizations, labor unions, chambers of commerce and businesses (including Aetna, Allstate, General Electric, J Walter Thompson, Macy’s, Mass Mutual, New York Life, UBS, Verizon, and Volkswagen).  

He currently serves as the senior fellow at, a civic group that mobilizes older adults to help children and youth thrive. He appears frequently on television and radio public affairs programs and has written for many of the nation’s leading print publications. 

Taylor had been a newspaper reporter for 25 years, including 14 at The Washington Post, where he covered three U.S. presidential campaigns and served as bureau chief in South Africa during the historic transformation from apartheid to democracy. He is also the author of See How They Run (Knopf, 1990), and co-author of The Old News Versus the New News (Twentieth Century Fund, 1992).  

In 1996 he founded and for seven years led the Alliance for Better Campaigns, a public interest group that sought to reduce the cost and improve the content of political campaign communication on television.  Its honorary co-chairs were Walter Cronkite and former Presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter. 

He has a BA from Yale University and twice served as the visiting Ferris Professor of Journalism at Princeton University

He and his wife live in Bethesda, Maryland. They have three grown children and four grandchildren.

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The Next America

Distinct Characteristics of Millennials

The Next America. The America of the near future will look nothing like the America of the recent past. America is in the throes of a demographic overhaul. Huge generation gaps have opened up in our political and social values, our economic well-being, our family structure, our racial and ethnic identity, our gender norms, our religious affiliation, and our technology use. Today's Millennials—well-educated, tech savvy, underemployed twenty-somethings—are at risk of becoming the first generation in American history to have a lower standard of living than their parents. The changing of our population has helped polarize our politics, put stresses on our social safety net, and presented our elected leaders with a daunting challenge. Drawing on Pew Research Center's extensive archive of public opinion surveys and demographic data, Taylor illustrates a rich portrait of where we are as a nation and where we're headed—toward a future marked by the most striking social, racial, and economic shifts the country has seen in a century.

Generations and Demographics
Author, The Next America: Boomers, Millennials and the Looming Generational Showdown

  • Former Executive VP of Pew Research Center
  • At the Washington Post, covered three US presidential campaigns and was South Africa bureau chief 
  • Uses demographic trend data to show how America is aging and growing more racially diverse 
  • Presents social, economic, political and technological portraits of the Millennial and Boomer generations

Diversity and Inclusion
Author, The Next America

  • Former EVP of Pew Research Center and Washington Port reporter
  • Presents data on whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asian-Americans, mixed race, LGBT
  • Uses animated infographics and video clips 
  • Covered race relations in US as well as South Africa's transition to democracy 

 Future Trends
Author, The Next America: Boomers, Millennials and the Looming Generational Showdown

  • Uses animated infographics to show future trends in aging, racial diversity, economic well-being
  • Compares demographic trends in US with those in Asia, Europe, and the developing world 
  • Shows impact of immigration on future US economy, racial makeup

Author, The Next America 

  • Covered three US presidential campaigns as Washington Post politics reporter
  • Conducted extensive political surveys  as EVP of Pew Research Center
  • Describes demographic roots of America's growing political polarization 
  • Uses animated infographics to analyze identity group voting trends 

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