Perry McCarthy

Ex-Formula One Driver and the Original "Stig" on BBC's Top Gear
Perry McCarthy
  • With no experience and no sponsors, Perry embarked on a journey to make it in the world most expensive sport: Formula 1
  • Telling an inspiring story of determination and grit, Perry has lived his motto, “Whatever it takes”
  • After his Formula 1 career, Perry became the original “Stig” on BBC’s Top Gear

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Perry McCarthy decided at the age of 18 that he wanted to reach the top of the world's most expensive sport. With no racing experience, no cash, and little going for him except a passion for speed, the exuberant Cockney shouldn't have stood a chance. His endless search for backing and recognition led him from 'The world's unluckiest racing driver' to his heroic, often hilarious and sometimes heartbreaking efforts to make it into Formula 1.

In the world of International Motor Racing, McCarthy is known for his speed and humour. His quick wit and ability to deride himself, and others, has entertained spectators, race guests and even rival teams and drivers, in pit lanes, paddocks and bars across the world. But he is also famous for his determination, opportunism and deal making abilities. His motto is "Whatever it takes"

Such was his intent that McCarthy worked on North Sea Oil Rigs for two years to fund the start of his journey to Grand Prix. Then as his progression upward through the ranks of international motor sport demanded more finance, instead of saying "this is impossible" he relentlessly sought the necessary sponsorship to make his dream of becoming a Grand Prix driver come true. There were many difficult times for McCarthy and his young family but he would not give up, either on or off the track, always finding a way to make things happen.

His attitude and his story have been inspirational. Damon Hill, 1996 F1 World Champion, said of McCarthy "I have constant admiration for how he turns a no hope situation in to some sort of triumph"

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Perry McCarthy: The Original Stig

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