Susie Dent

Communication Expert, Lexicographer, Business Author and Language Researcher

Susie Dent

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Susie Dent has crafted an entire career from her unswerving passion for words and her belief in the power, influence and effectiveness that rich and precise communication can bring. As an English lexicographer and etymologist, her appearances in Dictionary Corner on England’s Channel 4 game show, Countdown, every year since 1992 has brought her into the minds, hearts and homes of millions of fellow logophiles.

Companies all over the world today face daily challenges in communicating effectively with their staff and customers. Different demographic nuances, industry-specific lingo, and personal interpretations of meaning are all potential barriers to success. Susie gives audiences a new appreciation of the value that precise language brings, suggesting ways in which they can integrate her approaches into their own daily communication and negotiations.

Susie is a warm, considered and fascinating speaker, weaving entertaining yet educational stories into her presentations that are drawn from a lifetime’s observation of times when language has both helped and hindered. Her keynotes and workshops often have fun and interactive elements: With ‘Countdown inspired’ games and activities that bring her message to life. More unexpectedly, she also believes that jargon can be good.

Her mission is to help audiences and companies understand that words matter if we are to use clear communication and gain influence. Susie’s sessions enable leadership and management teams to refine their own messages and the effectiveness in how they communicate them. She contributes regularly to Five Live Breakfast, BBC Breakfast, Good Morning Britain, Radio 4, and Audible podcasts, has a weekly column in the Radio Times and on Mental Floss, and is also a spokesperson for the Oxford English Dictionary. She has written several books including, What Made the Crocodile Cry and her most recent book named, Dent’s Modern Tribes.

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