Tim Peake

First British Astronaut to the International Space Station
Tim Peake
  • Inspires audiences with truly out-of-this-world experiences from the International Space Station
  • During his time in space, Peake engaged with over 2 million school children across Europe
  • First man to run a marathon from space, completing the London Marathon in 2016

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Tim Peake was the first British ESA astronaut to visit the International Space Station, where his work during mission Principia captured the hearts and minds of millions. He has a background as a test pilot and a British Army Air Corps officer and he is also a STEM ambassador and best-selling author.

At age 13, Tim’s dream of becoming a pilot became a reality when he took control of an aircraft for the first time. By the time he was 18, he had already flown numerous solo sorties and been awarded a coveted position to join the British Army Air Corps.

Tim served as an army officer in Northern Ireland before gaining his Army Flying Wings in 1994. He trained as a combat search and rescue instructor and flew operations to enforce the peace and provide humanitarian support in the aftermath of the Bosnian War.

Tim was part of the team responsible for training the first UK crews in flying the Apache attack helicopter. Promoted to Major and with well over 2,000 hours of flying experience Tim became a test pilot and was subsequently deployed to Afghanistan in support of Special Forces operations.

In May 2009, Tim was selected as an ESA astronaut and after arduous training he was assigned to a mission to the International Space Station in May 2013. After many months spent in Russia learning how to operate the Soyuz spacecraft, he launched to space on 15 December 2015.

During his Principia mission Tim took part in over 250 scientific experiments. He conducted a spacewalk to repair the Station's power supply, drove a rover across a simulated Mars terrain and helped dock two spacecraft. He was also actively connected with the public back on Earth—his mission focused on educational outreach, engaging more than two million schoolchildren across Europe in over 30 projects during his time in space. Tim’s New Year message was broadcast by the BBC to celebrate 2016 and in April that year, Tim ran the London Marathon from the ISS treadmill, becoming the first man to run a marathon in space.

One of Tim’s most cherished moments of his mission was having the opportunity to talk with the late Professor Stephen Hawking from the ISS. During their hour-long video call, they discussed many topics from their favourite music to quantum physics and the future of humanity whilst marvelling at the spectacular view of Earth from space.

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Speaker Video

Tim Peake: Preparing for Any Emergency

Tim Peake: How To Become An Astronaut

How to Survive and Thrive in New Environments. In 2016, Tim Peake returned from a six-month mission to the International Space Station. On this mission, he lived and worked in isolation, confined to a small space along with five other astronauts and dealt with the ever-present threat of space debris, fire or medical emergency raises many challenges. In order to psychologically prepare for this, he trained in extreme environments, including living underground for seven days in vast cave systems or spending twelve days on the ocean floor in an underwater habitat.

In this virtual talk, Tim shares how his experiences gave him a unique insight into what it takes not just to survive but to thrive in isolation. According to Tim, "It's important to embrace your new surroundings and make a positive mental adjustment in order to ‘normalize the abnormal.’” He demonstrates how structure and routine are key to daily life, where you must learn to focus on what you can achieve and not being distracted by factors that are outside of your control. Tim will walk the virtual audience through strategies to maintain positive mental attitude and good communication skills in new and different environments.

Peake Performance. Tim shares the unique insights on leadership, fear and risk management, motivation, and collaboration that his incredible career as a test pilot and astronaut has afforded him. He draws on his own out-of-this-world experiences to inspire audiences with his recipe for mission success and Peak(e) Performance. 

Tim is a champion for science, innovation, exploration, and adventure and delights audiences with his fascinating stories of life in space, breath-taking photographs, and his unique perspective of planet Earth.

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