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Tom Flick

Former NFL Quarterback & Authority on Leadership, Leading Change and Accelerating Performance

  • Former Rose Bowl Champion, Pac-10 Conference “Player of the Year, ” and NFL quarterback for seven season
  • Has garnered a reputation around the world as an authority on leadership by helping organizations such as Google, Starbucks, Microsoft, NASA, Boeing, and the Pentagon to develop leaders, lead change, increase teamwork, and accelerate personal and organizational performance
  • Draws on leadership experience as a former NFL quarterback and extensive work in corporate America to provide actionable solutions for people to achieve peak performance, both personally and professionally

Topics & Types
LeadershipPeak PerformanceTeamworkAthletes & Commentators

Tom Flick is a former Rose Bowl Champion, Pac-10 Conference “Player of the Year,” and NFL quarterback for seven seasons.

A dynamic and highly sought-after speaker, leadership expert, Tom, has delivered over 3,000 presentations to a “who's-who” list of clients which includes Microsoft, Starbucks, Hallmark, Boeing, American Express, NASA, Ritz-Carlton Hotels, and the Pentagon.

Tom addresses more than 100,000 men and women each year and has garnered a reputation around the world as an authority on leadership, helping organizations develop leaders, lead change effectively and increase teamwork, communication, and performance skills.

Flick’s passion for raising more effective leaders is achieved by his unique gift to connect with the listener's heart as well as their head. Understanding that people, not programs, help organizations change and grow, he draws on his leadership experience as a former NFL quarterback for seven seasons and his extensive work in corporate America, to provide actionable solutions that allow people to become peak performers both personally and professionally.

Mentored by leadership and change experts, Dennis Goin, Executive Vice President of Kotter International, and Harvard Professor, Dr. John Kotter, Konosuke Matsushita Professor of Leadership, Emeritus at the Harvard School of Business, Flick uses his exceptional talent as a deft storyteller to inspire audiences to lead change, to recognize and seize opportunities for growth, to adopt a leadership mindset, and to implement the power of leadership, whether in the role of executive, manager, salesperson, or frontline employee.

An interactive and articulate speaker, Flick customizes his engaging presentations based on each organization's needs and desired outcomes, collaborating directly with the client to ensure a stellar presentation with measurable takeaways for the client and their organization. His exceptional ability to communicate clear business solutions with humor, wit, and razor-sharp insight, makes Tom Flick an in-demand business speaker.

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