Custom Economic Outlook Talk from Diane Swonk

Professional headshot of Diane

Last week, Diane Swonk, world-renowned economist and LAI exclusive speaker, spoke at a small dinner event. This was not her standard keynote—it was casual and off-the-cuff. In addition to providing a broad general background on the U.S. economy in comparison to the world economy, she talked specifically about this year and her economic forecast for 2017.

Diane did a ton of homework on who would be at the dinner and tailored her speech to their areas of interest. She also did a focused Q&A where she answered everything from “What would you do if YOU were president?” to “How will this past year’s growth rate of only 1.3% affect my industry next year?”

Her anecdotes and personal experiences—stories about everything from how to gauge the country’s economic health from a trip to the mall or a chat with a college student—brought dry economic material to life.

If you’re not familiar with Diane, she is the former Chief Economist of Mesirow Financial. She has more than 30 years of experience in financial services, was named one of the Chicago Sun Times’ “Most Influential Women in Business in Chicago,” and sits on an advisory committee to the Federal Reserve Board and its regional banks.

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