Highest-Rated Keynote Speaker to Date

Banner showing Salim Ismail and his book cover

Salim Ismail is one of the hottest speakers on the lecture circuit right now. He is the author of the radically popular Exponential Organizations and the director of Singularity University where he consults with the world’s top companies on innovation and growth. A recent client said:

“Salim is one our highest-rated keynote speakers to date. To say that he blew our attendees’ minds would be an understatement. His presentation challenged them and led them to think about their businesses in a new light. His willingness to create a custom presentation for our audience and to interact with attendees was incredible. Salim was the highlight of our annual conference.”

He’s a phenomenal speaker who shares jaw-dropping insights on how companies can leverage technology and innovative strategy to grow 10x faster than their peers.

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