How Can Event Planners Diversify Their Roster Of Speakers?

Top Row: L:aila Ali & Hakeem Oluseyi. Bottom Row: Ana Navarro & Magic Johson

The demographics of the workforce are changing at a rapid pace. Diversity and inclusion within the workplace has never been more important to the health and success of your company.

Transforming culture, valuing diversity, and better understanding our differences isn’t just for the human resources department. It can be challenging to build a conference or program agenda that aligns with the diversity of your audience. At Leading Authorities speakers bureau, we are very proud to represent some of the most talented and unique speakers who bring fresh and diverse perspectives to the stage captivating and engaging audiences across the country and around the world. Our goal is to help clients curate a list of speakers that balance the stage with differing age, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, skill sets, experiences, and abilities. Let Leading Authorities help diversify the roster of speakers for your next conference or meeting.

We've compiled a few lists of dynamic and in-demand keynote speakers that can bring diversity to your next event stage for you to consider. See below for our snapshots of motivational, political, technological, and visionary speakers for your next event!



Astrophysicist, Space Science Education Lead for NASA, and inspirational speaker who moves audiences to overcome any barrier to success 

Hakeem Oluseyi is the author of the upcoming memoir, The Stars in My Soul: My Unlikely Journey through Space and Time, award-winning and patent-holding astrophysicist, and media personality. Through the telling of his own story, Oluseyi shows his brilliance and the fact that truly anything is possible -- no matter where you come from. Hakeem is an educator and gifted speaker, regardless of age or topic, making the most complex subjects digestible for any audience. See more on Hakeem


Creator of the “Poetic Voice” and inspirational speaker who shares moving messages paired with a “Hamilton”-style delivery

Being donned the “the de facto poet laureate of corporate America”, Sekou Andrews disrupts the speaking engagement world with dynamic, innovative, and completely unique methods of communication. Are you wondering how poetry could belong in the corporate world? Through his presentation, Sekou quite literally shows how inhuman data can be transformed into a passionate message. Those at Google, Nike, and Capital One have much praise for his time and knowledge in front of their talent. See more on Sekou


Four-time undefeated boxing world champion and lifestyle brand CEO who talks about finding strength, spirit, and power from within 

Laila Ali is an acclaimed motivational and cookbook author, TV host and commentator, and the #1 women's boxer in history. If this were not enticing enough, Laila also inspires audiences all over with the tales of her childhood and coming-of-age experiences. Laila has hosted and appeared on numerous talk shows, reality television programs, and with good reason: she is captivating and excellent in all her endeavors. Learn more about Laila to uncover how she accomplishes these never ending feats. See more on Laila.


Vice Chairman of Global Wealth Management and Senior Client Advisor at Morgan Stanley who shares “Carla’s Pearls” of wisdom for accelerating your career and life

Carla Harris is a no-excuses champion of the corporate world who delivers her wisdom stemming from her decades of achievement. Consistently ranked as one of the most powerful black women in corporate America, most powerful women in business, and most powerful people in finance, Carla's excellence knows no bounds or restrictions. She is a best-selling author of 2 books, both which convey her knowledge of how to win in the business world without making any excuses. See more on Carla.


Founder and CEO of Gravitas, who talks about finding and harnessing your “superpower”

Style visionary and disruptive CEO, Lisa Sun delivers a heartfelt and truthful talk about taking the first steps into the game you have always wanted to enter. Having left a job of 11 years, Sun launched her innovative shapewear collection with the key focus on empowering and motivating women everywhere. Lisa's company and personal conviction has garnered praise from Othe Oprah MagazineForbes, and CNN to name just a few. Learn how your association can push past its potential to unimagined possibilities! See more on Lisa


Best-Selling Author & Inspiration for the Film, The Pursuit of Happyness 

Chris Gardner is best known as the man and true story behind the hit movie, The Pursuit of Happyness. In the movie, Chris is played by Will Smith but in real life, Chris is just as charismatic, if not more. Chris shares his story of overcoming diversity, homelessness and eventually becoming a successful stock broker, CEO, and entrepreneur. Inspirational and motivational, Chris’ presentations highlight the power of determination, goal setting, taking risks, and leadership. See more on Chris.


  1. Donna Brazile
  2. Amy Holmes
  3. Jonathan Capehart
  4. Gianno Caldwell
  5. Ana Navarro


Renowned political strategist and commentator and former Interim Chair of the DNC who shares her reflections on the day’s hot topics

Donna Brazile is best known as a veteran political strategist, political commentator, columnist, author, adjunct professor at Harvard, and former interim chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Donna was the first African American woman to manage a national presidential campaign and knows a thing or two about overcoming diversity. An expert on political and socioeconomic issues, she sits on the board of the Professional Diversity Network and looks at why expanding the circle of opportunity for minorities helps everyone succeed and how diversity is the key to success both in the board room and in Washington, DC. Her southern charm, big personality, and hilarious anecdotes make her an instant audience favorite. In fact, Oprah’s O magazine chose her as one of its “20 remarkable visionaries” and Washingtonian named her one of its “100 most powerful women.” See more on Donna.


Acclaimed political commentator and host of PBS’s “In Principle” who offers a humorous and thought-provoking overview of the political landscape

Amy is no stranger to delivering powerful messages to crowds. Being a co-host of Talk Radio Network's America’s Morning News, her commentary was heard everyday by 1.5 million listeners. Being an analyst on all the major networks and even talk shows such as The View and Real Time with Bill Maher, Amy's unique take on American politics is appreciated and requested by various audiences. Harnessing her razor-sharp wit and knowledge, it is no wonder that Amy has seen praise and awards from those across the political spectrum. See more on Amy


Revered Journalist and Television Personality

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jonathan Capehart is a member of The Washington Post editorial board, writes about politics and social issues for the PostPartisan blog, and hosts the Post’s “Cape Up” podcast. One of the most-influential LGBT people in media, Capehart is known for his thought-provoking commentary on the major political and cultural news items of the day, including the big issues at the heart of conversations about diversity and inclusion. See more on Jonathan.


Fox News Political Analyst and founder of Caldwell Strategic Consulting, sought after for his opinions on domestic policy, the economy, and Congress

From a young age Gianno Caldwell has shown his motivation and independent thinking, culminating in two "30 Under 30" awards by Porsche Power and Red Alert Politics. Spending over two decades advising, analyzing, and progressing a wide variety of subjects, Caldwell is often asked for his fresh and current opinion. Being a regular commentator on Fox News, CNN, and BET, from a diverse perspective of viewers, they all agree on wanting to know what Caldwell thinks and predicts for the future. See more on Gianno here.


Republican Strategist & Political Contributor On CNN, ABC News, and Telemundo 

Ana Navarro is a well-known Republican strategist and a political analyst for CNN, CNN en Español, ABC News, and Telemundo. Ana describes herself as Nicaraguan by birth, American by choice and Miamian by luck. Ana is admired on both sides of the political aisle for her outspoken, candid and “straight shooting” approach. Humorous and honest, her presentations focus on the latest hot button issues in politics including immigration policy, upcoming elections and advocacy. See more on Ana.


  1. Anthony Foxx
  2. Kimberly Bryant
  3. Crystal Washington
  4. Vivek Wadhwa
  5. Tim Hwang


Former United States Secretary of Transportation and current Chief Policy Officer at Lyft, who talks about the ways technology is reshaping our society

Under his term as Secretary of Transportation, Foxx managed a staggering 55,000 employees as well as a budget of $70 billion dollars. During his time in government, he introduced the first surface transportation bill to be passed in over a decade. Now at Lyft, he applies his knowledge to the private sector while continually learning how to maximize transportation for all Americans. Once being confirmed by every single member of the Senate, it shows that Foxx is respected, trusted, and known to be a valuable asset by all. See more on Anthony


Founder & CEO of Black Girls CODE and Aspen Institute Fellow who talks about both technological change and how to build a more inclusive innovation space

Kimberly Bryant has been consistently ranked as one of the most influential African-Americans in technology today in multiple publications. She speaks about the power minorities have had in shaping America's current technological culture and how important it is to empower and advocate for these talented minds. Having revolutionized the coding industry with her non-profit, Black Girls CODE, Bryant is an example of the successes that hard work, innovation, and amplifying the power of others can have for the culture as a whole. She was recognized during the Obama Administration as a Champion of Change for her revolutionary work. See more on Kimberly


Social media strategist and author who offers practical tips for using technology to strengthen interpersonal relationships 

The current social media landscape can feel overwhelming, let alone understanding and harnessing its potential. Crystal Washington holds the knowledge of this industry and is able to communicate it clearly, effectively, and with actionable steps that all can understand. Having appeared in several business publications, she is a noted facilitator of profitable future trends that still seem obscure today. Washington has authored an expert guide to understanding the industry in her new release, The Social Media WhySee more on Crystal


Futurist and emerging technologies expert who was called one of the “40 Most Influential Minds in Tech” by TIME magazine 

Vivek has been actively researching and communicating his technological research for several years and has authored books on several contemporaneous subjects regarding driverless cars and artificial intelligence. He communicates novel and disruptive projections regarding new technology's effect on the world right now. Being so current and cutting-edge, it is logical to see why Vivek is so in demand for his theories and research. He is often called "Silicon Valley's most provocative voice." See more on Vivek


Expert on AI, Machine Learning, & Technology Ethics who helps groups better understand the complexities of AI and machine learning

Tim Hwang is an expert on integrating knowledge of AI, machine learning, and ethics all together to show a potential business future. Being given the generous title of the "busiest man on the internet", Tim certainly earns it through his research, interviews, all while managing a $26 million dollar philanthropic fund. Having worked for Google and IBM in the past, Tim has unrivaled industry insights which he conveys to his audiences with real world applications. He crafts a full picture for his listeners through his deep understanding of the ethical impact these technologies will soon have on the entire world. See more on Tim


  1. Daymond John
  2. Earvin "Magic" Johnson
  3. Andrea Jung
  4. Carlos Gutierrez 
  5. Deborah Rosado Shaw
  6. Shellye Archambeau


Founder of FUBU and Star of “Shark Tank” who inspires audiences to achieve goals and rethink their “personal brand” 

Through Daymond's tenacity and business prowess, he has transformed countless businesses into household names. He published two best-selling books regarding his global brand FUBU as well as the potential of one's own personal brand. Audiences marvel at his ability to motivate and teach about self-representation and its ability to launch future success. Daymond has been bestowed numerous awards in marketing and advertising as well as being recognized as a top entrepreneur. See more on Daymond here


Legendary NBA All-Star, New York Times best-selling author, and Chairman and CEO of Magic Johnson Enterprises, who shares his strategies for success in every aspect of your life

Earvin "Magic" Johnson has been cultivating several successful businesses and impacting communities throughout the United States via his organizations. From investing in professional sports teams to educating urban centers about HIV/AIDS research, Johnson has championed what it means to craft a businesses that benefits those around it. A successful author and speaker, Johnson is able to deliver his unique approach to community engagement to populations nationwide. See more on Magic here.  


Longest-tenured female Fortune 500 CEO who formerly served as CEO of Avon Products and shares the 7 qualities of successful 

Andrea Jung transformed the global brand Avon into the iconic name of today through her her renowned 7 qualities of successful people. Having held roles in product management, strategy, operations, and having championed the C-suite, Jung is a powerful speaker with unique experiences and knowledge. Now working for economic opportunities for women in America, Jung has a wide skill set which she applies to anything she sets her mind to. She has been recognized as one of the "Most Powerful Women in Business" and one of the "Most Powerful Women in the World." See more on Andrea here


Former U.S. Secretary of Commerce and Former CEO of Kellogg and talks about the role risk plays in successful leadership and business strategy 

Carlos Gutierrez embodies a special mix of public and private sector knowledge through his pivotal time in the government and for Kellogg. He has been named one of the most powerful Hispanic-Americans in business today and his strategy reveals why: Gutierrez embraces risk and uncertainty to secure business advantages. From his background in Cuba and Mexico, he speaks about immigration reform, global business, and how politics affects all of these sectors. It is clear Gutierrez has lived and worked a life rich with experiences that make him a dynamic speaker. See more on Carlos here.  


Senior Vice President and Chief Global Diversity & Engagement Officer at PepsiCo, who talks about the relationships between leadership, culture, diversity and a company’s bottom line

What do Costco, Publix, Walmart, and Disney have in common? Deborah Shaw. To name a few, Shaw has advised and created strategy for some of the world's most successful organizations. Coming from the nation's poorest congressional district to global acclaim, Shaw delivers a poignant and nuanced look at business and the world through her eyes. In her most recent book, Dream Big!, Shaw conveys how to manage life's challenges to gain the life we all deserve. Being featured as a literal textbook example for success in various business literature, she is truly one to study. See more on Deborah here


 Former CEO of MetricStream who was named the #2 “Most Influential African-American in Technology” by Business Insider

Shellye is a silicon-valley certified success story having transformed a struggling startup, MetricStream, to a company with more than 1,500 global employees. In her speeches, she outlines the four-step framework she has used to cultivate success and happiness in her personal and professional life. Being a savvy business professional, she also shares key insights into foreseeing industry trends and applying the correct respective strategy to maximize results. In all, Shellye is a superb mind and a pioneer of the business world with a talent for communicating her knowledge to people everywhere. See more on Shellye here


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