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Athletes, coaches, and other leaders from the world of sports draw big crowds on and off the field. From captivating audiences with exciting behind-the-scenes stories to developing resilient mindsets and strong teams, these speakers engage audiences with unique lessons that resonate long after the event has concluded. These renowned sports speakers draw upon their own personal stories and riveting experiences in their sport and get rave reviews from groups across backgrounds and industries.  

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  • Katie LedeckyOlympic Champion Swimmer; 10x Olympic Medalist, 15x World Champion, 14x World Record Breaker
  • Cal Ripken Jr.,  Legendary "Iron Man" of Baseball
  • Wendy Borlabi, Director of Performance and Mental Health for the Chicago Bulls
  • Susan O'MalleyFirst Female President of a Professional Sports Franchise
  • Chemmy AlcottLegendary British Skier, Four-Time Winter Olympian; BBC “Ski Sunday” & Olympic Presenter
  • MyKayla Skinner, Olympic Silver Medal-Winning Gymnast
  • Jim HarbaughHead Coach of Michigan Football and Former NFL Quarterback and 49ers Coach
  • Dawn HudsonFormer President and CEO of Pepsi Cola North America
  • Shaun WhiteOlympic Gold Medalist and Entrepreneur
  • Earvin Magic JohnsonLegendary NBA Player
  • Laila Ali, Boxing Champion, TV Host, and Beauty and Lifestyle Brand CEO
  • Jon Dorenbos, World Class Magician, TV Personality, Former NFL Pro Bowler
  • Tim Howard, Former U.S. Men's National Soccer Team Goalkeeper
  • Molly Fletcher, Pioneering Female Sports Agent and CEO
  • Jim AbbottProfessional Baseball Player and Inspirational Hero
  • Jurgen Klinsmann, German World Cup Winner, and Football Manager 
  • Mia Hamm, Olympic Gold Medalist, World Champion and Soccer Legend 
  • Martina Navratilova, Tennis Legend

 Katie Ledecky

katie ledecky headshot

Katie Ledecky is a record-breaker, history-maker, and undeniable “G.O.A.T” who draws from her inspirational personal journey to the winners’ podium at three Olympic Games to share elite-level insights on developing a winner’s mentality, goal setting, and swimming past adversity to perform past your potential. 

 Cal Ripken, Jr

cal ripken jr. headshot

Cal Ripken Jr., blends insights from sports, business, and a life well-lived to lead a warm and witty presentation in which he reveals his keys to thriving on the baseball diamond — including leadership, loyalty, patience, and perseverance — as well as how these qualities can be applied by people and organizations in any field as part of their game plan for success. 

 Wendy Borlabi

wendy borlabi headshot

Wendy Borlabi is a high-performance expert and renowned sports psychologist whose mindset-first approach to achievement has been adopted by world-class athletes, as well as Fortune 500 companies, and shares adaptable strategies organizations and individuals can implement to execute at a championship level.

 Susan O’Malley

susan o'malley speaking

Susan O'Malley implemented innovative marketing strategies that led to the largest ticket revenue increase in the history of NBA franchises and speaks on leadership and penetrating a male-dominated field through her engaging and upbeat demeanor.

Chemmy Alcott 

chemmy alcott posing against white background

Chemmy Alcott overcame a life-changing injury and paved the way for the next generation of British winter sports athletes. Drawing upon her inspiring story, she takes audiences through her decorated career and shares lessons on adopting a growth mindset, pushing boundaries, and living life to the fullest to achieve extraordinary goals.

 MyKayla Skinner 

mykayla skinner posing with medal

MyKayla Skinner is an Olympic Silver Medal-Winning Gymnast, a powerhouse performer who, with the spotlight on her, vaulted her way to a silver medal after stepping in as Simone Biles’ replacement at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Drawing from her inspiring, yet unconventional, path to success, she provides an Olympian’s perspective on owning your moment and performing under pressure to achieve your goals. 

 Jim Harbaugh 

jim harbaugh posing in front of blue background

Jim Harbaugh is a decorated player and coach who solidified his top-tier status during his 9-year tenure at the University of Michigan, where he won the College Football National Championship in 2024. He draws upon his college and professional experience, where he led the San Francisco 49ers to three consecutive NFC Championship Games, to help audiences define success and enhance team culture. 

 Dawn Hudson

dawn hudson headshot

Dawn Hudson  is a legendary marketing executive who assumed the role of chief marketing officer for the NFL during a climate of controversy and change and ushered in a new era for the massive sports league. In her talks, she share hard-hitting insights on how to elevate your brand, drive innovation, and make an impact as a leader. 

Shaun White 

shaun white headshot

Shaun White is a legendary snowboarder and skateboarder who has catapulted action sports into pop culture and draws from his journey overcoming countless hurdles in his highly decorated career to share valuable insights on embracing risk to produce extraordinary results and become a peak performer in your field. 

Earvin Magic Johnson 

earvin magic johnson headshot

Earvin Magic Johnson is a leader and a champion in the business world, just as he was on the basketball court. Johnson brings his winning spirit to the stage as he provides the audience with a game plan so that they can make the right plays toward achieving their goals. 

Laila Ali 

laila ali headshot

Laila Ali is heralded as the most successful competitor in the history of women’s boxing. Finding inspiration against all odds, living beyond the box, and being a champion in all you do are among the many topics Ali discusses with audiences. 

Jon Dorenbos 

jon dorenbos shuffling cards, white background

Jon Dorenbos delivers an entertaining experience packed with comedic acts, magic tricks, and his inspirational life story of overcoming unimaginable tragedy to go on to play 14 seasons in the NFL, finish in third place on America's Got Talent, and face a life-threatening diagnosis head on — proving it’s possible to overcome the obstacles.. 

Tim Howard 

tim howard sitting in blue suit

Tim Howard is a record-setting goalie, powerful voice, and matchless personality that speaks on his achievements and personal stories of determination and goal-setting on and off the field through his well-known communication style and big-game instincts. 

Molly Fletcher 

molly fletcher standing against green background

Molly Fletcher made a name for herself as a woman in a highly male-dominated industry. Having negotiated more than $500 million in deals for clients, her trailblazing success offers audiences unique perspectives on unleashing their full potential and unlocking their drive. 

Jim Abbott 

jim abbott headshot

Jim Abbott pushed past the odds to lead the U.S. Olympic baseball team to a gold medal and have a successful MLB career. In his talks, he provides a framework of five incredible strategies anyone can use to adapt, move toward their goals, and reach their full potential. 

Reggie Rivers 

reggie rivers headshot

Reggie Rivers translates lessons learned throughout his career in the NFL to share strategies for how anyone can be a successful “powerless position coach” in business and flex their leadership muscles, even when they don’t have much authority.

Shaquem Griffin 

shaquem griffin smiling

Shaquem Griffin inspired audiences after overcoming a physical disability to achieve great success and play at the highest level in the NFL. He draws on his experiences playing in the NFL with one hand to help audiences break barriers and build resilient mindsets.  

Jurgen Klinsmann 

jurgen klinsmann at soccer game smiling

Jurgen Klinsmann was named in the FIFA 100 list of the “125 Greatest Living Footballers” and is a thought leader who draws on his wealth of experiences across as a World Cup-winning player and a manager of some of soccer's top clubs and countries to share the X's and O's for building and leading dominant teams and motivating each person to play to their potential and beyond. 

Mia Hamm 

mia hamm clapping and smiling

Mia Hamm is a two-time winner of the women's FIFA “World Player of the Year” award. Just as she was on the field, on stage, she's an energetic presence who shares her experiences as record-holding, trailblazing soccer player and the lessons she learned on the importance of drive and positive self-esteem in fueling teams and individuals.

Martina Navratilova 

martina navratilova headshot

Martina Navratilova holds the record number of Grand Slam women’s doubles wins and speaks on overcoming adversity to achieve the unachievable, overcoming adversity, and advocating for cancer survivors, equality, and LGBTQ rights. 


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