Movie About Jeff Skiles' Miracle On The Hudson

Pilot Jeff Skiles with an image of a plane

We all know the story of U.S. Airways Flight 1549: 155 lives on board, a bird strike followed by double engine failure, and an emergency landing turned “Miracle on the Hudson.” But never before have audiences been taken behind the scenes, through the closed cockpit doors of that fated flight, and into the minds of co-pilots Captain Sully Sullenberger and Jeff Skiles.

Now, audiences can relive the focus and precision with which the pilots made their split-second, life-saving decisions. Warner Brother’s new trailer for the film Sully, out this fall, gives us a glimpse of this moment of crisis.

A Leading Authorities Exclusive speaker, Skiles often talks about the intense moments when he and Captain Sullenberger decided to land the plane in the Hudson River. Co-pilots Jeff Skiles and Captain Sullenberger represent a rare success when it comes to decision making in high-risk scenarios; hearing Skiles speak is not only extremely moving, but also applicable to everyday business situations. His communication and crisis management skills, as well as intensive training, allowed him to navigate unchartered territory and successfully complete an unthinkable emergency landing.     

Available to speak on topics ranging from adapting and reacting to change, to staying calm and confident under pressure, Skiles has advice and experience that will leave you with practical takeaways and a look at one of the more dramatic moments in the history of human flight.

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