New Speaker On Innovation & Growth: Rishad Tobaccowala


Our team at LAI just got to spend some time with a new speaker who is incredibly smart, charismatic, and a terrific storyteller. As the chief growth officer of one of the world’s top agencies, the Publicis Groupe, Rishad Tobaccowala shares the insights he’s learned while driving change in F500 organizations over the last three decades. He’s got a new book coming out in January called Restoring the Soul of Business: Staying Human in the Age of Data. In his presentations Tobaccowala explores the complexities of running a business that depends on people, technology, and data.

Rishad shares observations and practical guidance like:

  • Go with the Trends: Stop fighting the things that are making other companies successful – embrace technology, globalization, and demographic shifts.
  • Treat People Like Humans: Talk to people, not to consumers.
  • Be Friction Free: Don’t let your customers see the friction in your organization, create a seamless experience.

Anyone, regardless of industry, who is working to find the balance between culture shifts, innovation, creativity, and data-driven insights will benefit from his research and real-world examples. In the short time we spent with him, Tobaccowala shared just a few examples from various industries that he could use to tailor his remarks to specific groups. 

For a sneak-peek of Rishad speaking about how technology is disrupting marketing and industries, watch the video below: 



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