Our Top Keynote Speaker Suggestions For Upcoming Board Meetings

Upcoming speakers

Are you looking for a speaker for your Board’s next event? Between an administration change, shifts to the makeup of the EU, recurring data breaches, and a host of major corporations launching “innovation labs,” these are the topics we're seeing pop:

How To Innovate

Here are a few top speakers on innovation.

  • Don Strickland worked for Kodak as the company began to decline and then joined Apple just as it began its rise. He talks about the differences in the senior management teams of an innovative startup and an incumbent, and why trust is so essential to continued success.
  • Mike Steep is the SVP of Global Business Operations at PARC—a job that takes him across the world helping R&D teams from some of the biggest companies today become disruptors. He has been integral to the launch of revolutionary products from AirBus, BMW, P&G, and L’Oreal

What To Expect From Washington

  • Jake Tapper is an award-winning and hugely-influential CNN anchor and the network’s Chief Washington Correspondent. He has reported from the front lines of every major election event and, while known for being nonpartisan, offers a meaty and at times biting political overview.

Preparedness, Security, & Negotiation

  • Chris Voss is the FBI’s former Lead International Kidnapping Negotiator. Between stories of negotiating the release of hostages from the clutches of terrorists and bank robbers, he shares the nine principles necessary for persuasive negotiations in business and life.

The New Global Economy

  • Diane Swonk is a world-renowned economist listed as one of the “Top Forecasters in the Country” by the Wall Street Journal. She sits on an advisory committee to the Federal Reserve Board and offers a lively look at global and domestic shifts to economy policy and outlook.

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