Ron Fournier on The Future of Politics

Ron Fournier recently blew a room full of senior executives away with his spot-on analysis of the current political outlook. National Journal’s senior political columnist and editorial director, he is one of the nation’s most respected political reporters and observers, and he is uniquely poised to comment on the 2016 race. There is perhaps no one who has covered the Clintons as closely as Ron – who began his career reporting on Gov. Clinton in Arkansas and followed Hilary closely ever since her entry into politics. 

He goes well beyond tradition political handicapping in his keynote speeches, taking a look at the forces that will shape the political landscape in the coming years. He believes that “if you want to understand the future of politics you have to understand the future of people,” and he shares how demographics (notably Millennials) will affect politics within the next 20 years.

I highly recommend Ron Fournier as a speaker for political events. Submit the form below to check his availability and fees.

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