Steve Schmidt: Your Must-Have Political Strategist


There are few speakers with as much experience and knowledge around running a campaign as Steve Schmidt. Steve has played an influential role in several elections from President George W. Bush to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. He brings that experience and detailed insight from his time as a campaign strategist to groups across the country who are eager to hear how an election might play out. 

At the forefront of everyone’s mind right now is the 2020 Presidential Election. Steve offers several predictions on how he sees the election unfolding and what each party will face in the upcoming year. Comparing previous elections and primary races to the landscape we see now, he offers ideas that are different – projecting that the future will never be the same. In referencing historical trends through his own perspective, Steve examines the current political landscape through a clear and concise lens that cuts through all of today’s noise.

In addition to election insights and campaign predictions, Steve has a great understanding of the pulse of our nation. As a contributor for MSNBC, he has seen firsthand how the proliferation of media and its accessibility has changed the way Americans digest information with politics at their fingertips. In order to look forward and understand the future, we must examine how we got here. I cannot think of anyone more qualified to explain the cause-and-effect of America’s current political landscape. His knowledge of the electorate, polling data, and strategies are second to none. Steve packages this expertise in a unique way that effectively explains what lies ahead. I hope Steve is at the top of your list as we look ahead to the elections!

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