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Adam Markel

Author, PIVOT: The Art & Science of Reinventing Your Career and Life
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    Today, constant and never-ending innovation is the key to creating sustainable success. And what is innovation? Simply put, innovation is the reinvention of something in a progressive, forward-moving direction. Therefore, our ability to reinvent - or pivot – is critical to lasting and meaningful change and success. No one knows more about pivoting, reinvention, and personal and business transformation than Adam Markel. 

    Adam Markel is a #1 Wall Street Journal best-selling author, attorney, renowned international speaker, entrepreneur, transformational trainer and program designer, and a business leader who inspires, empowers and guides people to achieve massive and lasting personal and professional growth. Adam was most recently CEO of North America's largest human potential development company and now leads international program development for Success Global Media, the global market leader in education and success event management.

    Since 2008, Adam has trained and led programs for more than 100,000 people around the globe, including Australia, Asia, Europe, Canada, and the United States, in the areas of business and entrepreneurship, finances, health, spirituality, and relationships. Some of the topics covered in Adam’s programs include: the Art and Science of a Successful Pivot, High Impact Presenting & Speaking, Creating Heartspace in the Workplace, Unstoppable Team Development, Creating Heart-Centered Company Culture, Creating Codes of Honor in Business and Life, Mastering the Mind, Winning the Inner Game of Money, Negotiation Mastery, The 7 Rituals of Highly Fulfilled People, The Art of the Enrollment Conversation (a training on authentic selling), Change Management and the Case for Pivotability, Overcoming Fear of Change, Disruptive Thinking and the 10x Factor, The 7 Pillars of Ultimate Relationships.

    Adam’s powerful and practical talks offer a unique bridge between self-development and business mastery, crafted to inspire, empower, and guide people to achieve a greater impact through a higher level of awareness, authenticity, and action.  He’s been a keynote speaker for groups and conferences including: Harvard University, Infusionsoft, California Chiropractors Association, American Gemologists Association, National Achievers Congress, and Get Motivated. He’s shared the stage with the likes of Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, and Robert Kiyosaki and was honored to become a member of the prestigious Transformational Leadership Council.

    Adam’s extensive experience on global stages translates into a powerful experience for any audience. He is known as one of the most charismatic speakers you'll ever see. His talks are interactive, engaging, high energy, and inspirational. As important, he delivers substance to an audience: skills, tools, strategies, and practices they can use outside the event setting to achieve sustainable results. Adam employs “accelerated” learning techniques to ensure that the substance of what is being taught is learned faster and participants retain more of what they learn.

    As the WSJ and USA Today Best-Selling Author of PIVOT:  The Art & Science of Reinventing Your Career and Life, Adam is a recognized expert in the integration of business and personal development. He’s been interviewed by many outlets, including: Fox News, Entrepreneur, INC., American Express, Forbes, Newsday, The New York Post, The Observer, and The Wall Street Journal. 

    Prior to his work with New Peaks and Success Global Media, Adam founded a multi-million dollar law firm specializing in finance, commercial and employment litigation. Over the course of his 20-year practice, Adam represented over 1,000 matters with hundreds of clients including Citibank, Wachovia and HSBC. Adam holds a BS in English and began his career as a public school teacher. Adam has tremendous and diverse experience in business, leadership, mentoring, and facilitation of experiential programs for large and small groups--and knows what it takes to thrive as an entrepreneur, business owner, and corporate leader.

    Adam has reinvented what it means to be a heart-centered and authentic leader. He's admired for his refreshing and inspiring impact on entrepreneurs, creative thinkers and leaders worldwide.

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