Adam Markel

CEO, Entrepreneur, & Best-Selling Author, PIVOT: The Art & Science of Reinventing Your Career and Life
Adam Markel
  • As a public-school teacher turned attorney turned CEO, Adam is an expert in career reinvention and change management
  • Has been featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Newsday, and The New York Post, among others
  • Former clients include Jack-In-The-Box, Harvard University, Infusionsoft, American Gemologists Association, Selling 3.0, the Northeast Business Group on Health, and the Success For All Foundation

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Adam Markel, bestselling author, keynote speaker and resilience researcher, guides individuals and organizations to tap the power of resilience to master the challenges of constant change.

With 18 years as a trial attorney building a multi-million dollar enterprise and 10 years as the CEO of a leading personal development and business training company, Adam has much to share about resilience, culture and change. Yet, some of his most enduring lessons came from his years as an ocean first responder - a life and death environment where Adam learned the importance of cultivating high performance capacity and impeccable teamwork.

In his latest bestselling book, Change Proof, Adam shows how those principles of resilience are equally relevant today for any business that wants to move beyond managing change to actively embracing it and using times of uncertainty, crisis, and chaos to create opportunities and stimulate individual and team growth.

As one of Huffington Post’s top speakers to see and the #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Pivot, Adam’s messages have inspired tens of thousands worldwide. His keynotes, corporate workshops, and business coaching integrate practical business strategies, personal development insights and a unique delivery style to create a high-energy and impactful learning environment.

Adam is currently the CEO of the More Love Media Group, a TEDx speaker and influencer, and host of The Change Proof Podcast, facilitating insightful discussions with business leaders and social innovators and sharing strategies to fully embrace an uncertain world and build Change Proof organizations.

Adam is continuously inspired by his wife of more than 30 years and their 4 amazing children.

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Over the past couple of years leaders were increasingly faced with the challenge of optimizing employee performance while championing them through very real disruptions like a pandemic and social unrest. According to the Harvard Business Review, employee productivity in most organizations dropped by at least 3 to 6 percent during COVID-19. Many of us are relieved at the prospect of getting back to “normal”. But let’s face it, these issues are unlikely to be resolved by going back to the way organizations used to function. We’re also witnessing a cultural shift where a large percentage of employees, in particular millennials, have new expectations around what is required to build a culture of collaboration and productivity. This is bolstered by the learnings from the Great Resignation.

The way forward is to become Change Proof – to have the capacity to leverage uncertainty and change – whether it’s the new normal or the next normal – to build long-term growth. Resilience is the foundation, individually and organizationally. Research proves that we are built to bounce forward, not back. Our brains can learn (at almost any age) how to process stress and turn it into strategy — by building the narrative of resilience. In fact, Individuals and organizations have the capacity for higher performance and engagement even under extreme stress. Resilient organizations enjoy 73% better health, 41% higher quality of life, 51% more energy and 52% lower burnout - resulting in lower turnover and greater team innovation and productivity.

In this high impact keynote Adam shares innovative recovery techniques and impactful resilience-building rituals to help attendees immediately improve their capacity to address stress and avoid costly burnout. These tangible practices result in the ability to leverage the power of uncertainty to build long-term growth while becoming what he coins in his latest book, Change Proof.


Join Adam Markel for a continuation of the conversation about what resilience is, what it’s not and how to operationalize it for the long-term, sustainable success of your organization.

In this interactive, process-oriented session, Adam will guide your team through a deeper exploration of individual and organizational resilience and how to more successfully apply it to their specific environment.

Leaders will retake the Resilient Leader Assessment™ and share their experiences with integrating the principles since the first session. The group will then engage in a collaborative discussion on the factors that may erode resilience in the future, how to assist your teams in becoming more resilient and what they are prepared to do individually to model and create a context of permission for others.

Throughout the session, Adam will share ideas, stories and tangible insights on creating a truly Change Proof™, resilient organization. 


Unprecedented, chaotic, overwhelming, exhausting. These are the words most frequently used today to describe our personal and professional lives. Let’s face it though, this is not the first time - nor will it be the last - that we will be challenged on a mental, emotional, physical, and yes, even a spiritual level. When we’re not at our best in these areas, we just don’t perform well, leaving creativity, flexibility and innovation on the table. The impact? Our key performance indicators suffer, including revenue and profitability.

Today’s imperative is for our organizations to cultivate our ability to become Change-Proof: having the ability to not just to ride the waves of change… but to shred them and stay on top for the long ride! Resilience is the foundation, both individually and organizationally, for maintaining performance. Research shows that when we develop, practice, and invest in the skills of resilience, the results are improved health, more energy, passion and engagement, lower turnover and greater team innovation and performance.

In this high-energy interactive talk, Adam teaches tangible, impactful strategies and practices to improve our levels of resilience and our capacity to leverage the stress of uncertainty and change to build long-term growth.


Stress and overwhelm are even larger challenges for organizations today, making these questions ever more important: Are we too tired, busy or burned-out to think big? And if so, what do we do about it? With the pace of change only continuing to escalate during and after COVID-19, it’s critical that businesses provide an optimal environment for people to be at their best.

With an estimated $62 billion being spent each year in corporate health and safety costs alone due to exhaustion and burnout, it’s vital that leaders develop the organizational capacity to not only perform under stress, but to thrive in the face of it.

In this virtual, high-energy and interactive talk, Adam explores the critical factors necessary to build higher performance capacity and resilience through a Got Your Back Culture. Your team will leave with tangible takeaways for a lasting impact well after the event is over.


In times of dramatic change, burnout, fear and stress - the idea of coming into each day with energy, let alone positivity, seems impossible. And the last couple of years have tested even the most resilient of us. However, there is a way to overcome these feelings. In fact, research shows that when we develop, practice, and invest in the skills of resilience, the results are improved physical and mental health, energy, passion and engagement.

Join bestselling author and resilience researcher, Adam Markel, in this important conversation about how to leverage uncertainty and strengthen your resilience in order to show up in the best way possible, both personally and professionally. In this high-energy, interactive talk, Adam shares tangible, impactful strategies and practices to improve our levels of resilience, capacity and well-being. Adam’s techniques will empower you to unlock accelerated success even amidst the complex changes, stress and uncertainty we face daily.

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