Alex Stamos

Chief Trust Officer of SentinelOne & Professor at Stanford, Former Chief of Security at Facebook
Alex Stamos smiling in jacket and collared shirt, lilac background
  • Led Facebook’s threat intelligence team of engineers, researchers, investigators, and analysts
  • Evaluated and mitigated security risks for Facebook’s network of 2.5 billion
  • Experience-driven insights from his time at Facebook and Yahoo shed light on the current threat landscape and what can be done to fight back

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Alex Stamos is a cybersecurity expert, business leader, and entrepreneur who has dedicated his career to improving the security and safety of the Internet. He serves as the chief trust officer for SentinelOne (NYSE: S), whose mission is to defeat every attack every second of every day with AI-powered threat prevention, detection, response, and hunting. At the same time, he is an adjunct professor at Stanford University, where his teaching and research focuses on international security and cooperation. Formerly Facebook’s chief security officer and Yahoo’s chief information security officer, Stamos is regarded among the most authoritative experts and problem-solvers in his field. The New York Times called Stamos “a celebrated figure in privacy and security circles,” and Tech Crunch said he is “widely regarded as one of the smartest people working in the security space.” 

Exclusively represented by Leading Authorities speakers bureau, Stamos helps groups better understand and recognize cyber threats, while sharing clear and comprehensible strategies for how organizations can arm themselves against bad actors and ensure the security of their information. 

During Stamos’ tenure as chief security officer at Facebook, he was charged with understanding and mitigating information security risks to the company and safety risks to the 2.5 billion people on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Stamos represented the company to regulators, lawmakers, and civil society on six continents, and has served as a bridge between the interests of the Internet policy community and the complicated reality of platforms operating at billion-user scale. He led the company’s investigation into manipulation of the 2016 US election and helped pioneer several successful protections against these new classes of abuse. Before joining Facebook, Stamos was the chief information security officer at Yahoo, rebuilding a storied security team while dealing with multiple assaults by nation-state actors.

In 2004, Alex co-founded iSEC Partners, an elite security consultancy. As a trusted partner to world’s largest technology firms, Alex coordinated the response to the “Aurora” attacks by the People’s Liberation Army at multiple Silicon Valley firms and led groundbreaking work securing the world’s largest desktop and mobile platforms. He also served as an expert witness in several notable civil and criminal cases, such as the Google Street View incident, Sony vs George Hotz and US vs Aaron Swartz. After the 2010 acquisition of iSEC Partners by NCC Group, Alex formed an experimental R&D division at the combined company, producing five patents.

Stamos was previously a member of the DHS Cybersecurity Advisory Council, the Annan Commission on Elections and Democracy and the Aspen Commission on Information Disorder. He is a member of the Aspen Institute’s Cyber Security Task Force, the Bay Area CSO Council and the Council on Foreign Relations, and also serves on the advisory board to NATO’s Collective Cybersecurity Center of Excellence in Tallinn, Estonia. 

Stamos has a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley. He lives in the Bay Area with his wife and three children.

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Creating a Thorough Cyber Defense System

Alex Stamos: How To Protect Your Organization From Cyber Threats

Cybersecurity, Geopolitics, and Information Warfare in the Modern Age. As a cybersecurity executive who has faced down the challenges of securing huge systems and investigating the actions of America's adversaries, Alex Stamos speaks from experience – drawing from his time leading security at Facebook and Yahoo to share today’s geopolitical drivers for information warfare.

Building Trustworthy Companies: Security, safety and privacy as core values and functions. As a cybersecurity executive who has faced down the challenges of securing huge systems and investigating the actions of America's adversaries, Alex Stamos speaks from experience – drawing from his time leading security at Facebook and Yahoo to share difficult lessons on crisis prevention and management. Discussing the current threat landscape, Stamos arms organizations with the means to fight back against cybersecurity breaches, insider threats and propaganda online. Stamos provides the actions companies should take to understand their risk profile, to integrate adversarial thinking into their business decisions and what it means to build a "trustworthy company."

Other topics include:

  • Corporations on the Front Line of Cybersecurity, Geopolitics and Information Warfare
  • Information Warfare: How our phones, newspapers and minds have become the battlefield


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