Bill McInturff

Co-Founder of Public Opinion Strategies and Leading Pollster
Bill McInturff Speaker
  • Co-founder of “the leading Republican polling company,” according to the New York Times
  • Contributes to polls for the Wall Street Journal, NBC News, and CNBC
  • Extensive research on the topic of health care, including over 200 national surveys
  • Looks at the future of American politics through the lens of a policy expert

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Bill McInturff is a partner of Public Opinion Strategies, one of the nation’s largest political and public affairs survey research firms. The firm has been described as a “GOP powerhouse” and currently represents seven governors, 11 U.S. Senators and 50 Members of Congress. Bill, along with Hart Research Associates, conducts The NBC News Poll.

One nationally recognized political reporter described Bill as “one of the smartest most clear-thinking people in politics.” Another said he “has more influence on Capitol Hill than any other Republican strategist.”

Over a more than 30 year career in survey research and over 5,000 projects, he has been devoted to what he describes as “combat message development,” not simply monitoring public opinion, but developing messages to defend and promote client interests on complex public policy issues. The focus of much of Bill’s work has been health care, with the firm having conducted over 1700 focus groups and more than 1300 surveys for health care stakeholders and about health care policy.

Bill has done the polling for 30 successful initiative campaigns over the past decade, including conducting the polling for Prop 22 in California, the successful effort to assure app-based drivers remain independent contractors.

Bill is a frequently quoted source on the topic of American politics. He has appeared frequently on Meet the Press, MTP Daily, and is quoted in a variety of national news magazines and major newspapers.

Bill lives in Alexandria, Virginia with his wife, where he watches a lot of movies and is looking forward to returning to being a youth baseball coach.


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