Brian Evergreen

Authority on AI, Tech, Business Strategy, & the Future of Work; Author; Founder & CEO of The Profitable Good Company; Former Global Head of Autonomous AI Co-Innovation, Microsoft Research
  • A tech expert and business strategist who advises Fortune 500 companies on how to leverage the power of AI, strategy, culture, and emerging technologies
  • A thought leader in AI for more than a decade, Evergreen has held positions at Microsoft, Microsoft Research, AWS, and Accenture
  • Sought-after speaker and advisor with a talent for making complex technical concepts accessible and engaging for audiences
  • Leading a new era of cross-industry leadership, calling leaders to break out of the maintenance mode of the Industrial Revolution into a new Renaissance/Enlightenment-level era better suited to harness the potential of advanced technologies

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Brian Evergreen is a tech visionary whose insights are sought after by the companies that are changing the world as they explore new ways to transform their own organizations. He is best known for advising Fortune 500 companies on emerging technologies, especially artificial intelligence, and the ways in which these powerful tools and resources can be uniquely integrated into their business’ infrastructure, culture, and strategy. Previously, Evergreen served as the Global Head of Autonomous AI Co-Innovation at Microsoft Research. He held similar tech, AI, and engineering head of/lead roles at other top companies, including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Accenture. He builds upon these experiences to introduce new ways to push the boundaries of what’s possible with AI in all aspects of how we work and live.

Evergreen leads engaging, future-focused conversations on how to create a more human future in the era of Artificial Intelligence as we navigate past the Industrial Revolution into a new Renaissance/Enlightenment-level era. His passion for emerging tech and innovation is palpable as he helps audiences wrap their heads around the endless opportunities AI can present for elevating business and society to the next level (and beyond) when paired with the right strategy and cultural leadership. He puts forth ideas for how to work through the uncertainties of a world that is becoming increasingly integrated with AI. His insights and approaches to moving away from leading and managing organizations as machines to leading and managing organizations as social systems in order to harness the potential of AI and other emerging technologies inspire organizations to view their strategies and cultures from new perspectives, and also look beyond their walls for new avenues to collaborate and disrupt with purpose.

In his work leading the The Profitable Good Company, Evergreen is a trusted advisor to the world’s most admired companies, equipping leaders with frameworks and methodologies for harnessing the economic potential of emerging technologies and creating a more human future in the era of artificial intelligence. He also guest lectures at Purdue University and Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, sharing the unconventional innovation methods he developed leading and advising digital transformation initiatives at many of the world’s most valuable companies.

Evergreen is the author of the book Autonomous Transformation: Creating a More Human Future in the Era of Artificial Intelligence, which outlines a blueprint for leaders and managers who have aspired or attempted to harness artificial intelligence and its adjacent technologies for the betterment of their organizations and the world — weaving strategy, business, economics, systemic design, and philosophy into actionable steps with accompanying frameworks to create and sustain Profitable Good. As Microsoft’s corporate vice president, head of product management Gurdeep Pall puts it, “Brian Evergreen’s Autonomous Transformation offers an engaging and thought-provoking treatise for anyone that ponders our future with artificial intelligence.” 

Evergreen’s foresight and expertise have been featured in industry publications, and his work at the leading edge of tech, strategy, and AI is reshaping our world in new and profound ways. Speaking with great esteem about Evergreen, Georgia Pacific’s vice president Michael Carroll said, “Working with Brian, a world-class systems thinker, is an opportunity to learn from a seasoned expert in the field of AI and digital transformation. He is a master at solving problems and is even better when the team he is working with has range in its experience.”

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Autonomous Transformation: Creating a More Human Future in the Era of AI. As artificial intelligence continues to be integrated into work and society, tech, strategy, and AI expert Brian Evergreen asserts that the only way we can harness the full economic potential of advanced technologies is by creating more human-centered organizations. Building on his book, Autonomous Transformation — called “a must-read!” by bestselling author Kim Scott — Evergreen introduces actionable steps organizations can take to get humans and AI working in tandem to unlock previously unseen results and new levels of productivity, all the while rehumanizing work. Evergreen’s unconventional insights and rigorous methodologies help organizations of all sizes and across industries cut through the digital fog in order to adapt strategies and cultures to evolve from data-driven to reason-driven, equipped to leverage the full potential of people and technologies to acquire, retain, or expand market leadership.

How to Think about AI Like a Fortune 10 Leader. Seven of the ten most valuable companies in the world are technology companies. In this era of AI, the world’s most successful companies are and will be the ones with the ability to harness the full potential of AI and its adjacent technologies. Drawing from his book, Autonomous Transformation: Creating a More Human Future in the Era of Artificial Intelligence, and from his experiences as an AI leader at Microsoft, Evergreen demonstrates how leaders can harness a Fortune 10 AI leader’s strategic tools to ignite future-focused creativity and innovation in support of their organization’s strategic objectives. In this talk, he provides an adaptable framework for how to think about AI like a Fortune 10 Leader, rethink strategy; innovation; and leadership, and know when and how to take action. Evergreen taps into his research of your organization and industry and links it to curated examples of reimagining your organization and industry with AI.

Unleashing the Power of AI in Your Organization. The emergence of AI tools including ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion 2, Jasper, and Autonomous AI — to name a few — has created countless possibilities for how businesses operate and interact with their customers and has captured the attention of leaders everywhere. However, with opportunities stemming from large language models to deep learning to neural networks come challenges that will need to be addressed in order to realize the full potential of these technologies. In this talk, tech, strategy, and AI leader Brian Evergreen, who previously served as Microsoft Research’s Global Head of Autonomous AI Co-Innovation, brings groups up to speed on the process of setting the right strategy before selecting use cases, specific technologies, and providers, with examples that include the latest AI tools and resources and how they are transforming the ways we work and live. Evergreen shares specific methods for how organizations can leverage AI to power innovation and create exponential value, tailored to your industry.

Breaking out of Maintenance Mode. In the lifecycle of an organization, as customers and partners come to rely on the value created by the organization, the organization naturally shifts toward maintaining the stability of that value at all costs, fundamentally driving innovation out of the organization. Known for advising many of the world’s top companies on strategies for reimagining their organizations and industries, Brian Evergreen introduces new methodologies and frameworks that ignite a culture shift and put leaders and their teams on the path to becoming disruptors. In this talk, Evergreen outlines the signs that an organization is in maintenance mode and provides specific, actionable steps and exercises for breaking out of maintenance mode and into an innovative space in which the organization and its industry can be reimagined.

How Culture Drives Innovation. Culture is a key component of success, but how can leaders manage or shift the culture of their teams and organizations? Known for advising many of the world’s top companies on strategies for reimagining their organizations and industries, Brian Evergreen introduces new methodologies and frameworks that ignite a culture shift and put leaders and their teams on the path to becoming disruptors. In this talk, Evergreen gets groups to focus on how they can work within their teams and across areas of expertise to innovate in support of their business goals, while also encouraging them to look outward — across departments and even outside of the organization — in order to expedite the development of game-changing products, services, and solutions. As he discusses the benefits of this type of co-innovation, he outlines collaborative practices any organization can implement and adapt to create opportunities for their business in places where they previously couldn’t see them.

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