Dan Doctoroff

CEO of Sidewalk Labs, Former President and CEO Bloomberg LP and Former Deputy Mayor of New York City
Dan Doctoroff
  • Led Bloomberg through the financial crisis of 2008 with an aggressive growth strategy
  • Helped rebuild the City of New York after 9/11 as deputy mayor
  • Advocates for economic optimism and resiliency in the face of adversity
  • Gives a compelling look at what it takes to lead during crisis

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Dan Doctoroff is the former president and CEO of Bloomberg LP, the former Deputy Mayor of New York City, and the current CEO of Sidewalk Labs, a visionary new project funded by Google parent company Alphabet. Alongside Google, Doctoroff developed Sidewalk Labs, which is focused on integrating technology into cities nationwide in the hopes of redeveloping decaying and struggling districts into booming city centers enhanced by 21st century technological capabilities. As the former New York City deputy mayor for economic development and rebuilding, Doctoroff has the extensive knowledge required to help Sidewalk Labs build the smart cities of the future.

Doctoroff’s experience in both the public and private sector has made him an expert at leading during times of drastic change and crisis. Before developing Sidewalk Labs, Doctoroff served as president and CEO of Bloomberg LP, joining the legendary financial services firm just months before the onset of the 2008 global financial crisis. Despite economic setbacks, he spearheaded an aggressive growth strategy that diversified the business and led to Bloomberg emerging as one of the world’s most influential news and media companies. Doctoroff persevered through the financial crisis by initiating one of the biggest shifts in the company’s business organization and growth strategy since its founding. Bloomberg achieved record results and set revenue records each year of his tenure. His experience leading a legendary company through a period of upheaval and change provides an insightful roadmap for organizations of all sizes. Exclusively represented by Leading Authorities speakers bureau, Doctoroff weaves together his public and private sector experience to share insights on leadership, innovation, crisis management, and the case for economic optimism in America.

Prior to signing on with Bloomberg, Doctoroff served in public office as New York City’s deputy mayor for economic development and rebuilding just months after the terrorist attacks of September 11th. He championed one of the city’s most dramatic economic resurgences and worked amidst profound uncertainty to reimagine the city’s fundamental approach to growth and development, leaving New York in its strongest economic position in decades. Alongside Mayor Michael Bloomberg, he spearheaded the effort to revive New York through a five-borough economic development strategy. This plan included the most ambitious land-use transformation in the city’s history, the largest affordable housing program ever launched by an American city, the formation of new central business districts, and the development of new parkland. It paved the way for improvements in the city’s competitiveness, quality of life, environment, and financial security. His work also led the creation of PlaNYC, which aims to create the first environmentally sustainable 21st century city.

Before serving in office, Doctoroff was managing partner of Oak Hill Capital Partners. During his 14-year tenure, he founded NYC2012, the organization dedicated to bringing the Olympic Games to New York. Doctoroff received his BA from Harvard and his JD from University of Chicago Law School. He currently serves on the boards of the University of Chicago, World Resources Institute, and Human Rights First. 

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America’s Economic Resilience and the Case for Optimism. Based on his unique experience in the public and private sectors, Daniel Doctoroff makes the case for optimism in America. Countering the prevailing negative sentiment about the economy, he argues that cycles of innovation have always followed downturns in American history, and that we are well into the next golden age of innovation. Grounded in his experience working alongside Mayor Michael Bloomberg to pull New York City back from the brink following 9/11, and later the counterintuitive decisions he made to invest aggressively through the 2008 financial crisis at Bloomberg LP, Doctoroff provides a number of specific recommendations for how leaders and companies can benefit from innovation and weather the inevitable bumps along the way.

Leading Through Crisis. When Dan Doctoroff became New York City’s deputy mayor for economic development and rebuilding in January, 2002, the fires were still smoldering at Ground Zero. Residents and businesses had fled, tourism had dried up, and huge budget deficits threatened to overwhelm the quality of life gains that had been made in previous years. People questioned whether the very thing that had made New York successful – its openness – could be sustained. At New York’s lowest moment, Daniel Doctoroff charted a course – based on unfailing optimism and a clearheaded assessment of strengths and weaknesses – that led to the city’s miraculous recovery and dramatic physical transformation in the years that followed. In a compelling look at what it takes to lead during a crisis, Doctoroff offers practical advice for persevering – and ultimately thriving – through the most challenging of circumstances.

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