Don Peppers

Founding Partner, Peppers & Rogers Group
Don Peppers
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Recognized for more than 20 years as one of the world’s leading authorities on customer-focused business strategies, Don Peppers is an acclaimed author and a founding partner of Peppers & Rog­ers Group, the world’s premier customer-centric management consulting firm. The Times of London has listed Peppers among their “Top 50 Business Brains,” Accenture has included him in its global list of the “Top 100 Business Intellectuals,” and the U.K.’s Chartered Institute for Marketing put him on its inaugural listing of the “50 most influential thinkers in marketing and business today.” Peppers recently claimed the spot as the most followed Customer Experience Influencer on LinkedIn with over 275,000 followers, as well as the title of the world’s most influential authority on customer experience by Satmextrix.

Peppers has a popular voice in the worldwide media, and writes frequently as an “expert blogger” for His thought leadership, keynote presentations, and executive workshops routinely focus on the business issues that today’s global enter­prises are grappling with while trying to maintain a competitive edge in their marketplace. These include:

  • Building stronger customer relationships, better customer experiences, and trust;
  • Balancing long-and short-term financial goals by focusing on customer value;
  • Engaging employees in order to create a stronger, more competitive corporate culture;
  • Stimulating innovative thinking and benefiting from new ideas within a firm; and
  • Dealing with social media, customer advocacy, and increasing levels of business transparency.

With co-author Martha Rogers, PhD, Peppers has produced a legacy of international best-sellers that have collectively sold well over a million copies in 18 languages. Peppers and Rogers’ newest book, their ninth, is Extreme Trust: Honesty as a Competitive Advantage. It suggests that social networks and rapidly increasing transparency have combined to raise customer expectations regarding the trustworthiness of the companies and organizations they deal with. Extreme Trust follows Rules to Break & Laws to Follow and was named as the inaugural title to Microsoft’s “Executive Leadership Series.” This book addressed the challenges of succeeding in a world where networked customers and engaged employees hold immense power over your brand, making it doubly dangerous to succumb to the kind of rampant short-termism that characterizes many businesses today.

Among the other best-sellers authored by Peppers and Rogers, their first—The One to One Future (1993)—was named by Inc. magazine as “one of the two or three most important business books ever written,” while Business­Week called it the “bible of the customer strategy revolution.” Enterprise One to One (1997), received a 5-star rating from the Wall Street Journal. One to One B2B (2001) made the New York Times Business best-seller list within a month of its publication. And their 2005 book Return on Customer was named one of the 15 “most important reads” of 2005 by Fast Company, and cited again in 2007 on its list of the 25 “Best Books” in business. In 2011, the authors released an updated edition of their graduate-level CRM textbook, Managing Customer Relationships. In 2016, Peppers authored a new book titled Customer Experience What, How, and Why Now, which shares the secrets to building the best customer service with readers.

Previously, Peppers was a celebrated new-business rainmaker in the advertising industry and the CEO of a top-20 direct mar­keting agency.     

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Don Peppers on Customer-Centric Strategies

  • Human to the Max. Under this headline, we offer several presentations around using social media and technology to reach your consumers with the understanding that the human touch will always be needed.

  •  Customer Metrics, Big Data and Common Sense Analytics. five presentations are available on gathering, measuring, understanding and using data for success.

  •  Women: Smart, Savvy and Successful. Choose from three different presentations by Martha Rogers on leveraging women’s power in business and her personal insights on work/life balance.

         Culture of the Customer

  • B-2-C?  Say Hello to B-2-We!
  • The 3 C?s of a Sustainable Business--Colleague, Channel, and Customer
  • Murders & Acquisitions: You Get One Chance to Build a Blended Brand
  • If You’re Seeking Customers for Your Products, You Need a New Navigation System
  • Global Efficiency, Local Autonomy and Competitive Advantage

         Customer Experience 

  • Bad Service Bulletin: You Can't Un-Google Yourself
  • Please Press " * " for Superlative: The Value of Your Front Line Contact Centers
  • Dancing Shoes for Honeybees: Word of Mouth, Buzz, and Social Networks
  • The Strontium-90 Effect: A Customer Experience Lasts Longer than You Think
  • It's All About You-Member Relationship Management Comes of Age

          Data Everywhere- But What About Your Costumers

  • How data can be used to create a more customer-centric organization;
  • Best practices in using data analytics to generate and benefit from better customer insight, as well as more trusting customer relationships;
  • Listening for and acting on real-time customer feedback, in order to set up a sense-and-respond marketing and customer service capability; and
  • The problems that plague companies trying to employ analytically sophisticated customer insights.

          Enterprise Engagement--Enabling Your Brand Ambassadors

  • The Compelling Economics of Enterprise Engagement
  • You Can Lead a Force to Water, But You Can't Make them Think
  • Is Your Corporate Culture an Advantage or an Albatross?
  • The Company You Keep: Employee Culture for Competitive Survival

    Ethics and Trust as KPI's for Success
  • Violate Your Customers' Trust, and Kiss Your Asset Good-Bye
  • Have I Ever Lied to You? Ethics as the Basis for Business Strategy
  • Cultivating Trust isn't Expensive--It's Essential
  • Integrity Isn't Elastic: Ethics and Trust Can Never be Part-Time Values

          Extreme Trust

  • Becoming Customers Most Trusted Advisors
  • Integrate the “Customer Experience” Directly into Marketing Strategies
  • What Can You Do To Blaze Your Own Trail?


  • Bits, Bytes and Bucks: Monetizing New Technology and Relationships
  • She Blinded Me with Science: Tomorrow Comes Faster Than It Used To
  • Excellence or Innovation? Pick One
  • Innovation & Advantage: Driving Creativity for Competitive Stance
  • The Wisdom of Dissent: Innovative Decisions Require Diverse Points of View

    Leadership in the New Economic World Order
  • Competing for Trust: Post Crisis Strategies for a Twitter Economy 
  • Leadership in Times of Challenge and Opportunity
  • You Can't Outrun a Bear Market, But You Can be Ready for the Recovery
  • Radical Times Require Radical Action: Leaders Needed, Inquire Within

    Looking Forward
  • Herding Cats: Social Networks and How to Leverage Them
  • Tweet, Google, Bing, POP--Ride the Bubble, Avoid the Drop
  • Merging with Our Machines: PMT, WOM and Society
  • The 1to1 Future: Are We There Yet?

    Metrics for the Long-term
  • Long-Term Leadership in a Short-Term World
  • Return on Customer: Breaking the Rules to Maximize Enterprise Value
  • Have You Looked at Your Data Lately? You Can Get More for Less
  • Customers Are Like Little Financial Assets, with Collective Memory

    Relationship Strength and Loyalty
  • The Three Rs of Loyalty: Relationship, Reward, Recognition
  • At What Price Loyalty? The Six Myths of Customer Loyalty
  • Loyalty IS the New Black: Best Practices and the Value of Relationship Strength

One-to-One Marketing 

Social Media and Social Marketing 

Government and Citizen Management

B2B Relationships and Selling

Any of the above themes can be tailored to specific vertical sectors (e.g. CPG/Retail, Education or Development, Financial Services, Public Sector, Pharma/Life Sciences, Travel/Transportation, Telecommunications, etc.) by the use of selected case studies and best practice examples.

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