Galen Druke

Podcast Host & Reporter, FiveThirtyEight Politics/ABC News
Galen Druke in a blue collared shirt and blue suit jacket and glasses on
  • Trusted political reporter who, as the host of the “FiveThirtyEight Politics” podcast, gets to the heart of the matter on the issues of the day
  • An expert on the American democracy and electoral politics – from polling, primaries, and debates to redistricting, party dynamics, and public opinion
  • Uses his trademark blend of statistics and traditional storytelling to share unbiased analysis of today’s key issues, and add context to everything going in the world of politics and policy

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Viewed as one of the media’s true needle movers, Galen Druke has become synonymous with insightful political analysis and astute commentary that offers a refreshingly honest and clear-eyed look at the current political climate and everything that’s influencing the future of American democracy. He is the host and producer of the “FiveThirtyEight Politics” podcast, which aims to explain politics through an engaging blend of statistics and traditional reporting. In his conversations with politicians, lawmakers, and the American people, Druke draws out straight-from-the source insights, diverse viewpoints, and powerful stories that illustrate how we arrived at where we are today, and where we’re headed.

Exclusively represented by Leading Authorities speakers bureau, Druke’s approach to political analysis is notable for the manner in which he explores issues from various angles and refers to the most credible data points to support his unbiased analysis. When speaking to groups, he examines the polling data and skillfully synthesizes complex information into a coherent narrative — one that provides context and perspective on the latest political developments and the issues driving people to the polls, and explains how future outcomes in politics and policy could impact industries and society in the near and long term. Druke is exceptionally skilled at identifying how current events fit into the larger historical and political context, and takes a nuanced view of even the most contentious issues.

Druke has covered elections at FiveThirtyEight (which is owned by The Walt Disney Company) since 2015, where he has also reported “The Gerrymandering Project” and “The Primaries Project” — two longform series looking at how redistricting and primaries work in America. He also hosts the publication’s “United States of America” video series. Prior to joining FiveThirtyEight, Druke was one of the creators of a popular daily newsmagazine show on Wisconsin Public Radio, which covered regional news and politics. Before that, he served as a contributing producer for WNYC Radio. Among the most respected voices in the political media, Druke is frequently seen sharing his sought-after analysis with the world’s leading media outlets, including ABC, BBC, NPR, C-SPAN, CBC, and Sky News — to name a few.

In Druke’s own words, he “loves talking to people and asking questions.” He’s unafraid of asking our nation’s leaders questions they aren’t expecting in order to kickstart meaningful conversations on the issues of the day. He views it as his personal duty to get answers to what matters most for the public and help them better understand the world around them.

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Speaker Video

By the Numbers: Split Ticket Voters

Galen Druke on Super Tuesday: What Just Happened

Democracy in Action: A Deep Dive into Electoral Politics. As the face of FiveThirtyEight Politics, Galen Druke is privy to the trends and issues that will drive voters to the polls in upcoming elections, as well as what the numbers behind the most up-to-date polling data tell us about the current state of play. In this talk, Druke points to the facts, figures, and exclusive insights from the movers and shakers at the heart of politics and policy as he walks the audience through the intricacies of American electoral politics in a highly engaging and informative session. As Druke breaks down the numbers and leads a deep dive into topics, such as polling; primaries; debates; and redistricting, groups get a clearer picture of who’s in contention to win some of the most important races on the horizon, as well as a better understanding of the potential for future outcomes to reshape our nation.

Adding Context & Commentary to Today’s Headlines. Throughout his career, FiveThirtyEight Politics/ABC News podcast host and reporter Galen Druke has had a front-row seat to many of the defining events in this era of American politics, policy, and society. In his daily work, he has the opportunity to speak in-depth with people from various walks of life, getting to the bottom of what’s really going on behind the scenes in politics in his fascinating conversations with our nation’s leaders, as well as hearing directly from the American public what they think about the current challenges we face. In this talk, he draws from these conversations, and relevant data, to provide a comprehensive overview of the issues that matter most to the American people and are keeping our leaders up at night at such a pivotal moment in time. From politics and policy to social justice and the economy, Druke brings audiences up to speed on the conversations happening around these issues at all levels, and how we’re working to overcome the challenges they present in all facets of life.

The Inner Workings of America’s Political Parties. In an era of unprecedented divisiveness between America’s political parties, Galen Druke, a widely respected voice on politics and a podcast host and reporter for FiveThirtyEight Politics/ABC News, helps audiences understand how and why the political parties operate as they do. In a compelling session, he explains the values, policy priorities, and shifting demographics of both parties, as well as how they arrived at their overall ideologies, and what’s behind some of the most heated conflicts in politics — both between the two parties and within them. Druke’s observations on party dynamics are delivered in an unbiased manner and enable groups to draws their own conclusions on political matters, where they stand on the issues, and the challenges and opportunities for their organizations.

The Changing Tides of Public Opinion: Exploring the Evolving Attitudes of Today's Society. What distinguishes Galen Druke as a reporter is his ability to provide nuanced, down-the-middle analysis of some of the most polarizing issues at the forefront of the collective national conscious. In this talk, he uses the latest polling numbers to support his insights on where public opinion is when it comes to today’s top issues in politics and society, and how these sentiments have evolved over time. The historical context he provides is key to audience members understanding what’s influencing Americans to head to the polls and voting patterns within certain groups. Druke also looks at the benefits and limitations of the scientific method of polling, as well as how experts use the data collected to conceptualize the values of the American public, and how those values permeate into everything we do in business and beyond.

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