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Gianno Caldwell

Fox News Political Analyst and Founder, Caldwell Strategic Consulting
  • A veteran in legislative affairs, media, and advocacy, he's spent almost two decades sharing his expertise, intellect, and skills to causes ranging from his hometown of Chicago, to presidential campaigns
  • Frequently provides political analysis and commentary on Fox News Channel, Fox Business Channel, CNN, HLN, BET, TV One, and various other national news networks
  • A recipient of numerous awards and accolades, including the Porsche Power "30 under 30" and Red Alert Politics "30 under 30" award in 2016, Caldwell continues to be a political trailblazer and influencer who represents the changing climate of politics in the US
  • His opinions are sought out on a wide variety of topics including domestic policy, the economy, and Congress

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Gianno Caldwell is the principal and founder of Caldwell Strategic Consulting. This bi-partisan firm headquartered in Washington, DC, focuses on healthcare, financial services, energy, and local government issues.

Gianno has held a role on behalf of a member of Congress as well as roles at the federal, state, and local level reflecting over six years of legislative experience and culminating in the recognition of his ability to effectively create legislative strategies and build bipartisan coalitions. Gianno frequently provides analysis and commentary on Fox News Channel, Fox Business Channel, CNN, HLN, BET, TV One as well as various national news networks. He is also a contributor to The Hill newspaper. His opinions are sought out on a wide variety of topics including domestic policy, the economy, and Congress.

Gianno began his government relations career serving as the Director of Government Relations for Naperville Township, a local government agency in Illinois. His primary focus was to develop strategies to cut costs relative to transportation, healthcare, taxes, pensions, and local government. In this position, he successfully lobbied the reduction of property tax rates for the whole of Naperville Township.

From Gianno’s proven success at the local level, Gianno went on to serve as a Legislative Liaison to the Illinois State Treasurer. In this role, Gianno was keenly responsible for successfully advancing venture capital legislation that was signed into law, an effort unsuccessfully attempted by the two previous administrations. The Illinois State Treasurer has the responsibility of investing more than 17 billion in state funds and as his advisor on banking, financial services, tax, healthcare, pensions, gaming, and venture capital related legislation, the signing of this law allowed for the investment of state funds along with private capital into Illinois-based technology, start-up companies. From working at the State and local levels, Gianno was requested to continue to support Illinois interests in Washington, DC.

As a Legislative Intern, Gianno worked on behalf of Congressman John Shimkus, assisting with the research and analysis of health, energy, and telecommunications legislation. Understanding the intricacies and complex nature of these fields, Gianno wrote a state impact analysis on the implementation healthcare exchange legislation. The impact analysis and profile was then developed into briefing materials and talking points for the Energy and Commerce health subcommittee. Additionally, Gianno composed an analysis on proposed federal legislation that would impact the state of Illinois’ Medicaid program which required the state of Illinois’ Medicaid budget to be analyzed and measured to provide a cost benefit analysis.

Prior to these roles, Gianno worked for the Social Security Administration leaving the agency after nearly seven years of service in numerous positions. In his last role with the administration he worked as a Senior Legal Analyst to the former Federal National Medicare Chief Judge. In 2011, Gianno served as the Director of African American Outreach for the DuPage County Republican party, the largest Republican county organization in Illinois. Additionally, Gianno served on Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign for President as an advance staffer. Gianno is a native Chicagoan and holds a bachelor’s of science in psychology from Grand Canyon University. 

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Taken For Granted Talking Points:

  • How a stranger became the catalyst that helped change Gianno’s political narrative
  • Going head-to-head with fellow Fox News Contributor Richard Fowler on air
  • The misconceptions about gun violence in Chicago, including:
    1. Hiring more police officers is going to fix everything
    2. If the government could ban all guns in the city, everything would be resolved
  • Why Democrats need to be held responsible for Chicago’s violence
  • His November 2018 D.C. visit to lobby the First Step Act
  • “The Art of the Compromise” to effectively understand where all parties in a disagreement are coming from and to forge a solution that continues to meet the spirit of what each person truly wants:
    1. Winning today is less important than winning your goal
    2. Keep your emotions in check, understanding the importance of emotions at the very beginnings of the conversation
    3. Share deeply and authentically
    4. Listen with an open mind
    5. Show appreciation

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