Joan Lunden

Special Correspondent on NBC's Today Show & Former Host of ABC's Good Morning America
  • Award-winning television journalist, best-selling author, and women's health & wellness advocate
  • One of America’s most recognized and trusted media personalities, having graced the covers of over 60 magazines and books
  • Longest running early morning television host ever
  • In her refreshingly straightforward style, she shares the candid advice that has motivated her throughout her career, inspiring audiences to take charge of their health, their happiness, and their success

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An award-winning journalist, bestselling author, television host, and motivational speaker, Joan Lunden has been a trusted voice in American homes for more than 40 years. For nearly two  decades, Lunden greeted viewers each morning on Good Morning America making her the longest running female host ever on early morning television.

Lunden continues to be one of America’s most recognized and trusted personalities which has made her a sought-after speaker for events across the country. As an ardent health & senior advocate, Lunden has testified before the Food and Drug Administration advocating mandatory mammogram reporting and the Congressional House Ways and Means Committee advocating for the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Lunden is the host of the host the PBS television series, Second Opinion with Joan Lunden and the Washington Post Podcast series, Caring for Tomorrow on the future of healthcare. Lunden is also the ambassador to the Poynter Institute’s MediaWise for Seniors program which educates individuals over 50 on media literacy - separating fact from fiction online.

As a part of the sandwich generation, Lunden’s demographic is far-reaching. She is a mother of 7 including two sets of teenage twins. Like many Boomers in America, she has juggled being a working mom while caring for an aging parent and brings this experience to her role as an active advocate for seniors.

One of the most visible women in America, Lunden has graced the covers of more than 60 magazines and book covers. Lunden’s newest book, Why Did I Come into This Room: A Candid Conversation About Aging quickly became a New York Times Best Seller.

In June of 2014, Lunden was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. An eternal optimist, she turned her diagnosis into an opportunity to become an advocate and help others. She chronicled her experience in her memoir Had I Known. Lunden continues to interact with American’s daily on her website, as well as her social media platforms. Lunden has served as national spokesperson for various organizations such as the American Heart Association, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, American Lung Association, American Red Cross,
American Academy of Pediatrics, and the Colon Cancer Alliance. Joan Lunden’s books include Why Did I Come into This Room: A Candid Conversation About Aging; Had I Known; Chicken Soup for the Soul: Family Caregiving; Growing Up Healthy: Protecting Your Child from
Diseases Now Through Adulthood; Wake-Up Calls; A Bend in the Road is Not the End of the Road; Joan Lunden’s Healthy Living; Joan Lunden’s Healthy Cooking; Mother’s Minutes; Your Newborn Baby; and Good Morning, I’m Joan Lunden.

Joan Lunden truly exemplifies today’s modern working woman.

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Breast Cancer Presentations:




Had I Known: My Breast Cancer Journey. Joan Lunden shares why she decided to go public with her breast cancer battle, what she learned, the breast cancer myths she discovered, and risk factors women need to know about. Lunden takes you through the hard decisions she had to make, and the silver linings she came across along the way.

The Patient’s Perspective. Joan Lunden shares what she learned through her personal experience as a cancer patient and what she learned from the thousands of patients and survivors who reached out to her through her website and social media. Lunden tells of the fears a patient harbors, the hard decisions a patient has to make during the battle to save their life, the lies we all tell our doctors, and the importance of screenings that can save people lives.

The Power Of A Positive Attitude. Joan Luden shares how having a positive attitude, seeking out her best options, fighting like a warrior and expecting to win not only served her throughout her career, but also in her breast cancer battle.


Healthy Living & Longevity Presentations:

How To Be The CEO Of Your Own Health. Joan speaks on how we need to reform the way we approach the management of our own health and how we interact with our doctors and medical institutions. Joan gives strategies on how to take charge of your health as well as be a better patient helping you to live healthier, happier, and longer.

The Secrets To Living Younger Longer. With three best-selling books on health including, Healthy Cooking, Healthy Living and Growing up Healthy, Joan Luden has become a leader in health and wellness and longevity. Joan is constantly asked how she remains so energetic, so “young,” and so vibrant while raising seven children and maintaining a successful career. In this personal and motivational talk, Joan shares what she’s learned from her own experience, from the experts she’s interviewed, and how she stays at the top of her game.   

Heart Health. Joan Lunden was 39 years old when realized she had many of the risk factors for cardio-vascular disease and needed to take charge of her health to protect her longevity. Lunden shares the importance of putting yourself and your health at the top of your to do list, and the changes she made to protect herself from heart disease and other chronic illnesses.

Diabetes. Joan Lunden shares the personal story of her brother who died from complications of diabetes, and how to be proactive and protect your health when it comes to this disease as well as other chronic illnesses.

Children’s Health. 1 in 3 American Children is overweight and childhood obesity is the number one health concern among parents today. Joan Lunden shares groundbreaking research on how diseases like hypertension, heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, and diabetes—may begin in early childhood or infancy.

The New Mid Life. Age expectancy in the 1930’s was 59.5, today people are living beyond 100. Now that people are living longer than ever before it’s time to redefine middle age. Being in your 50’s and 60’s today means still living a vibrant active lifestyle, and many “seniors” are delaying retirement. Taking care of your health has become essential in your ability to enjoy your golden years. Joan Lunden shares how to age well, and how not only diet and exercise can keep you healthy, but how the relationships and social networks you have are equally important.


Success Strategies Presentations:

My Journey From Small Town Sacramento To The Big Apple. Joan Lunden tells her personal story of how she took a passing suggestion to look for a job in news and went on to becoming host of ABC’s Good Morning America (GMA), for nearly two decades becoming the longest running female host ever on early morning television. Joan shares how the management of her reputation and ability to reinvent herself has allowed her a continued successful career following GMA.

The 10 Best Secrets To Success. Having interviewed top business tycoons and a myriad of world leaders over her three decades as a journalist, Joan Lunden shares what she has learned throughout her career along with advice from the most successful people in the world and their common traits. Joan shares her personal journey of making it to the top of the tough television news business as well as how she reinvented herself launching her own business based on her focus in women’s health and wellness. As one of the most well-known working moms in the country, Joan can also talk about balancing home and family: How to keep your family values while being a successful working woman.


Motivation & Inspiration Presentations:

A Bend In The Road Is Not The End Of The Road: Preparing For Life's Changes. Joan Lunden speaks frequently on the topics of motivation, inspiration, and change. Leaving her seat on ABC’s Good Morning America, after two decades, Joan had to deal with reinventing herself in front of millions of Americans. Since then she has faced career and personal life hurdles, overcoming each with new strategies for dealing with life’s changes. Joan shares her personal story as well as giving advice on how to be flexible with what life throws your way while maintaining your sense of self. 

The Power Of A Positive Attitude Joan Lunden shares how having a positive attitude, seeking out her best options, fighting like a warrior, and expecting to win lead to a successful and long-lasting career.


Women Presentations:

Now That We Have It All, How Do We Do It All? The Modern Woman’s Dilemma. So much has changed for women over the past 50 years, especially for women in the workforce and in the home. Joan Lunden speaks on how women take on their new roles that they have fought for, while still juggling being a mother and managing family life. Joan includes her personal story of being one of the first women in America to bring her baby to work when she became the host of ABC’s Good Morning America, setting a trend for corporations across the country. From her interviews with women’s activist Gloria Steinem to Betty Freidan on her social-changing book, The Feminine Mystique, to Gail Sheehy on the passages of women’s lives Joan goes from the history of women in the workforce to some of the new challenges women face holding down jobs today.

Strategies For Success: Women’s Path To Power & Reinvention. Joan Lunden shares how much times have changed for women over the past 50 years, the obstacles they have had to overcome, and having experience in constantly reinventing herself and her career Joan gives advice on how to use reinvention as a tool for success.

Secrets Of A Successful Woman: Risk, Passion, Humor, & Perseverance. Joan Lunden helped pave the way for working women in America. She broke into a male-dominated industry to become the longest-running female host of early morning television. Lunden shares valuable advice for success and inspiration for professional women, while also entertaining audiences with stories from her career that give attendees a candid behind-the-scenes look at some of the unbelievable realities women in the workplace experienced.  In an industry well-known for being a “battle of the sexes,” Lunden shares how she navigated it all with optimism, determination, and of course, her witty sense of humor.

Caregiving Presentations:

From Career To Caregiving & Everything In Between. Today, 66 million Americans are caregivers for someone they love, and that is 30% of the US population. Some experts are predicting that figure will triple over the next decade. A longer life expectancy has led to an increased demand for family members to serve as caregivers. Being a part of the sandwich generation, Joan Lunden had to take care of her aging mother while still raising two sets of young twins and managing her career. From this experience, Joan quickly launched a large portion of her career into the dedicated space of “caregiving.” It is without doubt this is the next health crisis facing our country. Joan shares her personal experience of caring for her 93-year-old mother while still working and raising young children. Joan shares what she has learned about how to be prepared for caregiving so you can avoid getting overwhelmed when a crisis happens. 

Embracing Change: The New Reality For Your Family's Future. Now that people are living longer than ever before we need to change how we prepare for our second chapter—that includes preparing for retirement, caregiving, and aging. We are approaching a new world of aging and Joan shares how technology, health, family, society, and our financial preparation need to be looked at in a new way.


Television & Media Presentations:

Television & How The World Has Changed The Media. Who would have thought in the mid-1970s that people today would be able to watch the news on their cell phones? Joan Lunden shares what media was like when film was still used and how today there are pros and cons to live streaming news. Although the “race to be first” has consumed the media, wireless technology today not only helps us stay connected with friends and business contacts, it connects us with the world.

Seasoned Moderator & Event Host. Joan Lunden is no stranger to the spontaneity of a live appearance. As the longest-running host of ABC’s Good Morning America, Joan has over 30 years of expertise as a journalist, TV host, and interviewer. Lunden leads panels on a wide variety of topics, including the role of women in media, health and wellness, breast cancer and genetics, baby boomers, caregiving, and success and empowerment.

Lunden is a seasoned veteran and is known for making panelists feel comfortable with her warmth and her natural way of guiding a discussion. If you have a client looking for an experienced moderator for their next event, Lunden has an unparalleled ability to bring her own insight to a panel discussion, while skillfully navigating the personalities of many experts on one stage.

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