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Joe Studwell

Expert in China and the Asian Marketplace
  • Best-selling author of ten books including How Asia Works, listed as one of Bill Gates’ top five favorites
  • International journalist working in China and across the East Asia region
  • Delivers dynamic and insightful presentation on China, the Asian Market, and International Business
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ChinaFuture TrendsInternational BusinessLeadershipBusiness StrategyTechnologySomething DifferentBusiness Authors/Strategists

Joe Studwell has worked as a writer, journalist and broadcaster around the world. His journalism has appeared in publications including The Economist, titles of the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), The Financial Times, the Asian Wall Street Journal, the Far Eastern Economic Review, the Observer Magazine, and Asia Inc., as well as on television and radio. Joe was the founding editor of the China Economic Quarterly and a founder of the Asian macro-economic research firm Dragonomics, now Gavekal Dragonomics.

Joe was based in China through the 1990s, where he wrote or co-wrote 10 books under the EIU imprint. These include the best-sellers Multinationals in China: Winners and Losers and Operating in China: a Survivor's Manual. In 2002 he published The China Dream: the Quest for the Greatest Untapped Market on Earth, said by The Financial Times to "redefine the debate on the nature of the China market."

From the 2000s Joe continued to work in China and across the major economies of the east Asia region. He is well known in south-east Asia for his 2007 book Asian Godfathers: Money and Power in Hong Kong and South-East Asia, after which The Financial Times declared: "Joe Studwell should be named chief myth-buster for Asian business... his myth-busting is as merciless as it is enlightening." The Wall Street Journal named Asian Godfathers one of the year's ten best books on Asia. Business Week named Asian Godfathers one of the world's 10 best business books.

In 2013, Joe published his pan-Asian best-seller How Asia Works: Success and Failure in the World’s Most Dynamic Region.  It was named by both The Economist and The Financial Times as a Book of the Year. Bill Gates named How Asia Works as one of his five favourite books, and it became mandatory reading for policy makers at the Gates Foundation.

In 2017, Joe completed the manuscript for his next book, which looks at accelerated technology acquisition in Chinese manufacturing firms. The product of six years of fieldwork, the book identifies optimum strategies for the best firms in Fast-Developing Countries (FDCs), and for their governments. Joe also considers how the world's best multinationals respond to and benefit from the rise of new FDC competitors. The case studies in the book are drawn from China's outstanding thermal, wind turbine and photovoltaics electricity-generating equipment companies, and reflect unrivalled research access to Chinese business leaders active from 1978 to 2017. 

In 2018, Joe begins his next research project, looking at 'break-out' FDCs in Africa that are consciously replicating the East Asian policies that brought sustained 10 percent per annum growth to Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China. His focus is Ethiopia -- a market of almost 100 million people -- and six other transforming states. Joe was invited to Ethiopia and Rwanda in 2017 by political leaders who had read his work on East Asia.

Joe's interests include FDCs in east Asia and Africa, agriculture, manufacturing, financial system development, fast strategic decision-making, leadership, entrepreneurship, the nature of technological learning, business strategy, and global portfolio investing. He also has a weakness for music and comedy. 

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