Kevin Coupe

Prime Storyteller, and Business Author
Kevin Coupe
  • Founder of Morning News Beat with over 27,000 subscribers
  • Illustrates effective branding and communication using fun, informative examples
  • Outlines new opportunities in modern retailing and marketing

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Kevin Coupe is a writer who for more than 30 years has been bringing to audiences all over the world a wealth of experience, sharp storytelling skills, provocative and contextual insights, unique worldview and serious levity about the world of business and consumers.

He is the author of “Retail Rules!  52 Ways To Achieve Retail Success," a guidebook for competing effectively and efficiently on Main Street.  And he is the co-author, with Michael Sansolo, of “The Big Picture: Essential Business Lessons from the Movies,” which uses film narratives to teach about leadership, marketing and surviving the workplace.

For more than 17 years, he’s had his own website/blog –  – launched before the word "blog" was coined.  MNB provides “business news in context, and analysis with attitude” to more than 30,000 subscribers all over the world.   An independent survey ranked MNB as the “top industry news and information site.”

Kevin is the host of “Retail Tomorrow,” a new podcast that features innovators from the worlds of retail, brands, technology, and academia, focusing on the new ecosystem driving the retail industry into the realities and possibilities of tomorrow.

Kevin also is an adjunct faculty member of Portland State University’s Center for Retail Leadership in Oregon, where he has been teaching a summer marketing course for more than seven years.

In addition to speaking at hundreds of conferences in the U.S. and abroad and reporting from 49 states and six continents, Kevin has been a daily newspaper reporter, magazine writer/editor, video producer, bodyguard, and clothing salesman.  He has supervised a winery tasting room (happily), run two marathons (slowly), driven a race car (badly), learned to box (painfully) and acted in a major (but obscure) motion picture.

At present, Kevin is working with Michael Sansolo on a sequel to “The Big Picture,” to be published in 2019.  The title:  “THE BIGGER PICTURE: Business & Life Lessons from the Movies, TV, & Popular Culture.”

He is married with three grown children and lives in Connecticut.

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Speaker Video

Kevin Coupe: The Perfect Attitude

Kevin Coupe: Women in the Retail Industry

HOW TO BE A RETAIL PIRATE:  Authentic, Relevant, Resonant, Rapid, Revolutionary (ARRRR!).

Steve Jobs once said, “Better to be a pirate than join the navy.”  In today’s cutthroat retail environment, that attitude needs to be at the core of every business’s strategic, tactical and operational approach - challenging the status quo, doing the unexpected, creating customer-centric business initiatives and then disrupting them internally … appealing to people’s hearts and heads and aspirations … acting with piratical verve and always moving forward.  In this brand new, lighthearted, illuminating and uniquely pertinent presentation, filled with examples and anecdotes and lessons, MorningNewsBeat’s Kevin Coupe brings a passion for storytelling and a unique perspective on business that will entertain and energize audiences.

The Bigger Picture:  Business Lessons from the Movies, TV & Popular Culture

Now, more than ever, successful businesses need to have compelling stories that they can share with their customers, employees and business partners.  A strong narrative gives a business a backbone upon which to frame its value proposition and differential advantages … without which, in a time of cutthroat competition, no business can thrive.

In this presentation, based on the soon-to-be published The Bigger Picture: Business Lessons from the Movies, TV & Popular Culture (a sequel to the successful The Big Picture: Essential Lessons from the Movies), co-authored with Michael Sansolo, Kevin Coupe cites examples ranging from movies such as The Princess Bride, The Post and The Big Sick, plus TV shows ranging from “Downton Abbey” to “Billions,” plus the novels of Ace Atkins and Michael Connelly - all to illustrate how to create and tell an effective and create metaphors that can help drive your business forward.  Entertaining and engaging, this presentation is designed to change the way people think about the way they approach branding, customer service, and the nature of leadership.

RETAIL 2020: What’s The Future (WTF)?”

In this fast-paced, interactive and provocative presentation, Kevin Coupe of challenges audiences to see the fast-evolving retail world through a radical new technological, demographic, competitive and cultural prism. These issues all combine to create an environment in which traditional thinking, fundamental execution, and just-good-enough strategies and tactics likely pave the path to irrelevance; Coupe lays out a road map for the future that focuses on differential advantages and disruptive mindsets, using real-world examples that can be adopted and executed by enterprising and innovative leaders.

Constantly updated to reflect the hand-crafted news stories covered and commented upon daily by MNB, and seasoned with levity sense and a healthy disdain for sacred cows honed over 30 years of writing and reporting about the best retailers and retail strategies, “RETAIL 2020/WTF” will get your meeting attendees not just thinking, but asking the serious questions about business and consumers that serious times demand.

Why 2020 Vision Isn’t Enough.

Perfect strategic and tactical vision isn't enough to guarantee business success anymore. Not by a long shot. To have even a chance of creating an enduring and vibrant business model, one has to be able to see not just what is dead ahead, but around corners, past the horizon, into the nooks and crannies of operations and out at the vast expanse of innovation and ideas. 

For more than 18 years on, and for more than three decades as a writer and speaker, "Content Guy" Kevin Coupe has been entertaining and illuminating audiences by chronicling the most successful customer-facing companies in the world, examining their forward steps and occasional missteps in areas of experiential marketing, technology adoption, customer understanding, and their grasp of cultural influences on business.

In "Why 2020 Vision Isn't Enough," Kevin uses real examples from the worlds of retailing, e-commerce, marketing, entertainment and sports to chart the connection between disruptive innovation and tangible, durable business growth, and sends audiences home with actionable steps they can take in their businesses.

A recent client described Kevin as "a talented and engaging speaker," saying that he kept the audience "focused on his excellent ideas – and his frequent use of humor and personal anecdotes made his topic even more interesting."

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The Big Picture: Essential Business Lessons from the Movies

The Big Picture: Essential Business Lessons from the Movies

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