Kevin Coupe

Prime Storyteller, and Business Author
Kevin Coupe
  • Founder of Morning News Beat with over 27,000 subscribers
  • Illustrates effective branding and communication using fun, informative examples
  • Outlines new opportunities in modern retailing and marketing

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For 40 years, Kevin Coupe has been bringing to audiences provocative insights, sharp storytelling, and serious irreverence about business and consumers, speaking to hundreds of conferences in the U.S. and abroad.

Kevin is the "Content Guy," for, which for 22 years has focused on daily business news in context and analysis with attitude. And he is the author of “Retail Rules!  52 Ways to Achieve Retail Success," and co-author of “The Big Picture: Essential Business Lessons from the Movies," as well as being adjunct faculty at Portland State University in Oregon.

In addition to speaking at hundreds of conferences in the U.S. and abroad and reporting from 49 states and six continents, Kevin has been a daily newspaper reporter, magazine writer/editor, video producer, bodyguard, and clothing salesman. He has supervised a winery tasting room (happily), run two marathons (slowly), driven a race car (badly), learned to box (painfully) and acted in a major (but obscure) motion picture.

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Kevin Coupe: The Perfect Attitude

Kevin Coupe: Women in the Retail Industry

How To Build Tomorrow's Reputation, Today! A reputation is something you had yesterday. Today and tomorrow, you have to build it all over again. That's the foundation of a new presentation from MorningNewsBeat "Content Guy" Kevin Coupe, who draws examples from a myriad of industries including retailing, technology, hospitality, media, and sports and from 40-plus years of journalism experience to spotlight businesses that work each day to push the envelope (and a few that have coasted on reputations long past their expiration date). In this energetic and interactive presentation, Kevin's focus is on customer expectations, employee engagement, product development, service opportunities, and innovative approaches to identifying and surpassing core value propositions.

“40 Years, 20 Stories: Lessons from a Business Journalism Career Not Yet Done.” Kevin Coupe has been writing about business and retail for four decades, and in the process has absorbed a wealth of insights into what customers want and need, executive leadership and front-line empowerment, effective implementation of technology that matters, and how to create sensory and experiential appeal while being both relevant and resonant. During that time, Kevin has met and interviewed innovative and influential businesspeople while covering companies located in 49 of the 50 states and on six out of seven continents. (He hasn't been to Antarctica. Yet.)

In this entertaining and provocative presentation, Kevin spins a tale that takes him from newspaper reporter to video producer to online blogger, offering big-picture lessons that will give audiences a greater sense of context about a fast-changing business environment and a clear sense of how to differentiate, compete, and succeed. He'll talk about the companies that have successfully done it in the past and will prescribe what businesses will need to do in the future. In the end, he says, the most important thing a business can do is tell its own story with clarity and purpose.

Building A Business Around The Workforce Of The Future. If the pandemic taught us anything, it is the essential nature of front line employees who make businesses work, forge connections with customers, and form the heart and soul of a company's culture.  We're in a unique moment, however - economic challenges compel many business leaders to look for ways to reduce investment in human resources, technology offers alternatives to human capital, and even the seemingly most progressive of companies are facing calls for unionization. Kevin Coupe, "Content Guy" with, calls on more than three decades of experience, relationships, insights and analysis to offer a unique and provocative perspective on how to engage with the workforce of the future and create a workplace of the future that will define businesses as employers of choice.

The Bigger Picture: Business Lessons from the Movies, TV & Popular Culture. Now, more than ever, successful businesses need to have compelling stories that they can share with their customers, employees and business partners.  A strong narrative gives a business a backbone upon which to frame its value proposition and differential advantages … without which, in a time of cutthroat competition, no business can thrive.

In this presentation, based on his book The Bigger Picture: Business Lessons from the Movies, TV & Popular Culture (a sequel to the successful The Big Picture: Essential Lessons from the Movies), co-authored with Michael Sansolo, Kevin Coupe cites examples ranging from movies such as The Princess Bride, The Post and The Big Sick, plus TV shows ranging from “Downton Abbey” to “Billions,” plus the novels of Ace Atkins and Michael Connelly all to illustrate how to create and tell an effective and create metaphors that can help drive your business forward.  Entertaining and engaging, this presentation is designed to change the way people think about the way they approach branding, customer service, and the nature of leadership.

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The Big Picture: Essential Business Lessons from the Movies

The Big Picture: Essential Business Lessons from the Movies

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