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Patrick Tucker

Science and Technology Editor, Defense One, Author of "The Naked Future: What Happens in a World That Anticipates Your Every Move?"
  • Futurist who unravels the complex, data-driven world in which we live
  • Technology columnist contributing to The Atlantic, Salon, and more
  • Offers an engaging overview of emerging trends and the next generation of integrated technology
Topics & Types
Future TrendsTechnologyAI, Machine Learning, & Big DataConsumer BehaviorRobotics & DronesFintech

The collection of data and its marriage with technology will undoubtedly change the way we do business and relate to companies in our every day lives. But how? Enter Patrick Tucker, the science and technology editor for Defense One, a digital property of The Atlantic, and the author of 2014’s The Naked Future: What Happens in a World That Anticipates Your Every Move? Patrick’s work for Defense One focuses on the intersection of emerging technology and U.S. national security, while his book unravels the increasingly complex, data-driven world we live in and provides a roadmap for a future influenced and informed by data. As he explains, 90% of the data that ever existed was created in the last two years alone, and there will be 44 times as much data in 2020 as there was in 2009. Patrick believes everything from health to relationships to public safety will slowly be influenced by data collection—and says a scenario wherein your cell phone alerts you that you’re about to run into an ex who recently got engaged is not that far off.

A futurist and big data expert, Patrick is watching the trends that are changing the way we interact with brands, social ideas, and each other, as data collection grows. He offers an enthralling and eye-opening view of emerging trends, and uses every opportunity to engage audiences (and their smart phone devices). Exclusively represented by Leading Authorities speakers bureau, his startling and informed predictions, along with his view of big data as an “opportunity to be seized wisely” rather than “a simple threat,” hint at the industry-wide disruption and “historic transition” yet to come. Patrick’s writing on the next generation of integrated technology has appeared in The Atlantic, National Journal, Slate, Quartz and Salon, among others. A frequent contributor to television programs, he has appeared on CBS Sunday Morning, BBC, CNN, Fox, and NPR’s Morning Edition, as well as dozens of other broadcasts and outlets.

Prior to joining Defense One, Patrick served as the deputy editor of The Futurist magazine and director of communications for the World Future Society. He has a master’s degree in writing from John Hopkins University and received his undergraduate degree from Sarah Lawrence College. He lives in Washington, D.C.

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