Robert Joyce

NSA Cybersecurity Director (2021-2024), Former Special Assistant to the President & Acting Homeland Security Advisor
Rob Joyce wearing a dark suit, blue tie and pictured in front of a grey background
  • A preeminent national security leader who served as the Cybersecurity Director for the NSA and on the White House National Security Council
  • One of the most influential voices on cybersecurity policy who led the innovation of the technologies deployed to protect vital national security assets
  • Offers a comprehensible overview of the cyber threat landscape, the implications for businesses, and strategies for keeping our organizations and society secure
  • Examines the innovation potential of AI, as well as the security risks it poses to organizations and national security

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Regarded as a titan in national security and one of the field’s most innovative minds, Rob Joyce served as one of the National Security Agency’s most influential figures for 34 years — most recently as the head of the organization’s Cybersecurity Directorate. In the later years of his tenure, Joyce was perhaps the most visible figure of the historically reserved agency, and embraced his refreshingly public-facing role as a means of strengthening trust and collaboration between government and industry against cyber threats. From his distinguished NSA career, as well as his service as a White House cyber official and special assistant to the president, he is viewed by his peers as an exemplary leader whose expertise, collaborative approach, and dedication to improving intelligence sharing has been pivotal to safeguarding our organizations and society against the threats in the digital realm.

Exclusively represented by Leading Authorities speakers bureau, Joyce leads an engrossing discussion on everything organizations need to know about the current cyber threat and opportunity landscape, while sharing clear and actionable strategies for how they can enhance their cybersecurity posture and protect their information and operations. As a leader who innovated cyber defense and directly affected national policy, Joyce offers unparalleled expertise on the ever-evolving state of cyber threats, and modern hacking threats and vulnerabilities, as well as the ways in which artificial intelligence could tip the scales in digital security. Joyce is also able to thoughtfully weave in his analysis on international relations and the implications and imperatives they present for global cybersecurity.  

As the Director of the NSA’s Cybersecurity Directorate, Joyce was instrumental in architecting groundbreaking initiatives that fortified national cyber defense and protected vital national assets — including classified networks, weapons platforms, and even the nuclear authorization codes — from malicious actors. He ran strategic operations to neutralize nation-state cyber threats and dismantle ransomware syndicates and, under his guidance, his teams forged deep alliances with the companies that underpin the internet — leading to the proactive identification and mitigation of cyber vulnerabilities and securing the technological backbone upon which we all rely. Joyce’s previous roles in the agency include an assignment as an NSA representative to the UK as a member of the senior staff at the U.S. Embassy in London, as well as chief of its elite hacking organization Tailored Access Operations (TAO). In between his two NSA tenures, he served on the White House National Security Council as a special assistant to the President and cybersecurity coordinator. During this time, he led the development and implementation of national and international cybersecurity and policy for the U.S.

Joyce’s innovation, leadership, and contributions to cybersecurity have been recognized with three President Rank Awards. Additionally, he is a member of the Senior Executive Service. He is a trusted advisor to world governments and global organizations in their efforts to secure their operations and information from digital adversaries, and continues to operate from ground zero in the mission to enhance cyber resilience and protect our national security.

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Speaker Video

60 Minutes: Rob Joyce Discusses Cyber Hacking

Artificial Intelligence: The New Frontier in Cyber Defense. In this insightful keynote session, former NSA Cybersecurity Director Rob Joyce focuses on the rapid evolution of AI and how it’s reshaping cyber national security matters for our defenders and adversaries. As Joyce examines AI’s impact and how best to balance its innovation potential with the security risks it possesses, he introduces audiences to the hidden risks to intellectual property and the expanded threat surface it presents to our organizations and in our daily lives. He also considers compelling arguments for why it’s imperative for organizations to pilot and integrate AI technologies into their processes today. Audiences come away from his talk inspired to reimagine AI’s impact on their jobs and take away strategies for how AI can be leveraged to fortify cyber defenses and mitigate emerging threats — ensuring their organizations’ readiness to navigate the wild west of the cyber landscape with confidence.

The State of the Hack: The Geopolitics of Defending Our Digital Borders. Former NSA Cybersecurity Director and White House cyber advisor Rob Joyce leads an eye-opening deep dive into the current state of hacking and cyber defense against nation-state actors. From dissecting the major trends and tactics being employed by hackers in Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, and beyond to unraveling the distinctions between intelligence operations and criminal activity online, Joyce explores the biggest risks facing your sector and the methods attackers are using to infiltrate systems, while sharing step-by-step best practices for how organizations can shield themselves from attackers and mitigate any vulnerabilities.

The Great Firewall: China’s Impact in the Cyber Realm. China’s continued aggressive posture towards our critical infrastructure and its history of intellectual theft and espionage continue to raise cause for concern for our organizations and national security. In this talk, former NSA Cybersecurity Director Rob Joyce discusses how China is the long-term challenge for both businesses and nations. He assesses our reliance on Chinese technology, the vulnerabilities in our technology supply chain, the geopolitical tensions surrounding Taiwan, and the implications of these and other forces at play on the cybersecurity and business landscape. He pairs his assessment with essential risk mitigation strategies, which include defensive cybersecurity measures within our organizations and on a national scale, international collaboration and policy implementation, and the need to foster technological sovereignty to counterbalance dependence on foreign tech. Joyce’s intent is to arm audiences with the knowledge and strategies that will be pivotal as they work to navigate the complexities of cybersecurity and uphold the safety of their organizations in the digital plane.

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