Suneel Gupta

Bestselling Author and Harvard Instructor; Creative Grit, Wellbeing, and Human Performance
  • Named the "New Face of Innovation" by the New York Stock Exchange, featured by the New York Times, CNBC, and The Today Show
  • Founder of RISE, which Apple named the "App of the Year" and Michelle Obama chose as an official partner to the White House
  • At Harvard, teaches non-entrepreneurs and executives how to manage stress, while speeding up innovation and creativity
  • Appointed an Emissary for "Gross National Happiness" by the Kingdom of Bhutan, one of the world's happiest countries
  • Suneel and his brother, CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta, are sons of a refugee who rose from poverty to become Ford Motor Company’s first female engineer. He leaves audiences with a unique combination of neuroscience-based techniques and heartwarming personal stories

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Suneel Gupta teaches innovation at Harvard University, is the founder of RISE, and the author of the book, Backable – exploring how to get people to believe in your ideas. The book is rooted in Suneel’s journey from first-time entrepreneur to being named “The New Face of Innovation” by the New York Stock Exchange. Suneel’s ideas have been backed by firms like Greylock and Google Ventures, and he served as an Entrepreneur in Residence inside Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. He has personally backed startups including Impossible Foods, AirBnB, 23&Me, Calm, and SpaceX. 

In presentations, Suneel looks at how to spark and accelerate innovation, capitalize on disruptions to build a digital product from scratch, and manage the hyper-growth that follows. Audiences leave his talks with memorable stories, science-based insights, and immediately usable techniques to turn their ideas into an inspiring vision that captivates attention and inspires action.

In 2018, Suneel ran for election to the U.S. House to represent Michigan’s 11th Congressional District. Before running for Congress, Suneel co-founded and served as CEO of RISE, a mobile health company that partnered with Michelle Obama to lower the cost of quality care for thousands of patients. Just two years after launch, One Medical acquired RISE and was named the most innovative company in health by Fast Company.

An expert at accelerating growth and innovation, in less than two years, Suneel helped grow Groupon from a tiny startup into a multi-billion-dollar company. Prior to serving as Groupon’s first vice president of product, he built products for Mozilla as their director of product development.
Suneel is also a lawyer and filmmaker. He started his career in the Clinton White House where he served as a speechwriter, learning from West Wing staffers like Michael McCurry and Rahm Emanuel. A few years later, he was asked to co-author the national platform for the Democratic Party. 

In the media world, Suneel blogged for MTV and produced the Kahani Movement, an interactive film project about the first generation of Indian-Americans, which debuted at South by Southwest with his brother, Dr. Sanjay Gupta (CNN). He also worked for the president of Sony Pictures Television when the studio was investing in new creative concepts like Breaking Bad.

Suneel has always moved quickly. In less than six years total, he earned a BS from the University of Michigan, an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, and a JD from Northwestern University School of Law. He also is the co-founder at Gross National Happiness Center of America in partnership with the Kingdom of Bhutan.

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Suneel Gupta Sizzle Reel

Suneel Gupta on the Importance of Storytelling

Beating Burnout: Cultivating Resilience in the Face of Endless Change and Chaos 

In this one-of-a-kind talk, audience members will learn the art of reframing failure inside company cultures, and dramatically reduce their risk of burnout.  Rooted in the latest neuroscience, you will leave with practical techniques for managing stress and anxiety while generating resilience, speed, and creativity.

As the CEO of Rise, which helped thousands of people overcome challenges with physical and mental health, Suneel uncovered the hidden qualities of highly resilient people, which he now teaches at Harvard Medical School. Suneel and his brother, CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta, are sons of a mom who rose from poverty to become Ford Motor Company’s first female engineer. You’ll walk away with intimate, heartwarming family stories and take you inside the Kingdom of Bhutan, where Suneel was appointed an emissary for “Gross National Happiness”. 

“There are only a few people in the world who have made a success out of failing. Suneel Gupta is one of them.” - Simon Sinek, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author

Learning Outcomes:

  • Dispel the 3 common myths of high performance and learn a “daily dash” for boosting morale and engagement
  • Uncover the “twist” behind how one of the happiest places on Earth builds collaborative work cultures and communities
  • Put into practice a quick morning ritual that has been proven to cut stress in half for some of the most successful firms on the planet

What’s Next? The Transformative Healthcare Leader 

A customized keynote for the healthcare leader who is guiding teams and patients into the future of wellness and work. Drawing on Suneel’s experience building rapid-growth, next-generation healthcare organizations, you’ll leave this session with immediately actionable habits for leading with resilience, speed, and imagination.

Suneel teaches innovation at Harvard Medical School and is the founder of RISE, a breakthrough telehealth company that Apple named “App of the Year”.  RISE partnered with Michelle Obama to serve patients around the country with access to high-quality nutrition coaching. The company was acquired by the One Medical Group (NASDAQ: ONEM). Suneel then served inside Kleiner Perkins, one of Silicon Valley’s original venture capital firms, and has invested or helped invest in a range of breakthrough companies, including Peloton, 23&Me, Impossible Foods, and Calm.

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Understand how the consumerization of healthcare has changed the way extraordinary leaders think about building world-class teams
  • Learn how to face disruption with courage and resilience, embracing technology as a partner to create best-in-class patient experiences
  • Uncover the “secret step” that great healthcare teams take to speed up innovation, even during times of chaos and change

Backable: The Surprising Truth Behind Breakthrough Ideas. As the world speeds up, it’s become way too easy to get left behind. What keeps us fresh and relevant are our ideas. But why is it that some ideas inspire and move people to action, while others tend to fizzle out? In this talk, you’ll learn the surprising truth about Innovation and why some innovators get ahead while others get ignored. You’ll leave with memorable stories, science-based insights, and immediately usable techniques to turn your idea into an inspiring vision that captivates attention and inspires action.

Accelerating Innovation. Moving fast is both an art and a science. In this talk, Suneel shares lessons learned through building new products that quickly reached hundreds of millions of people and produced billions of dollars in revenue. In this talk, you’ll get an inside look at how to build a digital product from scratch and the pitfalls to avoid along the way.

Storyboard Thinking. Innovative startups like AirBnB are now adopting the same discipline of “storyboard thinking” that originated in Walt Disney's personal studio lot. In this talk, Suneel Gupta, who is both a film producer and technologist, teaches you how to bring storyboard thinking into your organization and unleash creativity like never before.

Managing Hyper-Growth. Suneel led product development for Groupon, a company that grew from around $1 million in revenue to around $1 billion in revenue, in one year. In this talk, you’ll learn about how to build and manage teams and innovation when everything around you is growing at break-neck speed. 

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