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Warren Berger

Innovation Expert and Best-Selling Author of A More Beautiful Question

  • Appeared on NBC’s Today Show, ABC World News, and CNN
  • Former contributor to Adweek, Advertising Today and Advertising Age
  • Teaches audiences to ask ambitious, game-changing questions
  • Emphasizes baking questions into your “organizational DNA”

Topics & Types
InnovationBusiness StrategyAuthors

Innovation expert, best-selling author, and business journalist Warren Berger shows how innovators and dynamic companies can harness the power of questioning to spark fresh thinking and breakthrough ideas. An expert on design thinking and innovation, he has studied hundreds of the world’s leading innovators, red-hot start-ups, designers, and creative thinkers to analyze how they ask game-changing questions, solve problems, and create new possibilities. What he found was that the most creative, successful people tend to be expert questioners—raising questions no one else is asking and finding the answers everyone else is seeking.

Berger believes that questioning leads to innovation, can help you be more successful in your career, and can spark change in our businesses and lives. He goes inside businesses like Google, Netflix, IDEO, and Airbnb to show how questioning is baked into their organizational DNA and shares inspiring stories of artists, teachers, entrepreneurs, basement tinkerers, and social activists who changed their lives and the world around them—by starting with a “beautiful question.”

Best-Selling Author. Warren Berger is a longtime journalist of the New York Times, Wired, Fast Company, Harvard Business Review, GQ, and Reader’s Digest, and the best-selling author of six books, including his latest, A More Beautiful Question: The Power of Inquiry to Spark Breakthrough Ideas.

Berger is also the author of international best-seller Glimmer: How Design Can Transform Business and Your Life (2009, retitled CAD Monkeys, Dinosaur Babies, and T-Shaped People: Inside the World of Design Thinking and How It Can Spark Creativity in the U.S. paperback). BusinessWeek named it one of the “Best Innovation & Design Books of the Year.” His other books include The Purples (2010), which was an Amazon breakthrough novel semifinalist; Hoopla (2006); No Opportunity Wasted: Creating a Life List (2006); and Advertising Today (2001).

Expansive Expertise. Berger has appeared on NBC’s Today Show, ABC World News, CNN, and as an expert on NPR’s All Things Considered and Talk of the Nation. He has also written for Culture Now, Adweek, Communication Arts, Business 2.0, Advertising Today, Advertising Age, and Graphis magazine. As a speaker, he has keynoted at the CUSP Conference, the Fuse Conference, Cox Media Group’s annual conference, the Design Thinkers Conference, the International Women’s Forum in Rome, and TEDx Portland. He has also spoken at in-house conferences hosted by General Electric,  MassMutual, and Microsoft, among others.

Berger serves as an adjunct professor and host of the “Innovators” lecture program at the University of Colorado, and has been a guest lecturer at the University of Virginia, the University of Oregon, University of Texas, Syracuse University, New York’s School of Visual Arts, and Virginia Commonwealth University, where he gave the 2011 commencement address for graduating business students. In 2010 he co-founded The Marmaduke Writing Factory, a writers’ group that was named “2011 Best Writers Group” by Westchester Magazine. He is also the founding editor of ONE, a quarterly magazine on advertising and design.

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