Charting the Future with Amy Webb, Melanie Subin, Mark Bryan, and Sam Jordan

Amy Webb, Melanie Subin, Sam Jordan and Mark Bryan pictured in front of a blue tech image

“Each trend is a looking glass into the future, a way to see over time’s horizon.”

― Amy Webb

The world is changing. Technology is advancing rapidly, and those who fail to advance with it risk being left behind. The question isn’t whether your organisation needs to evolve, it’s what your organisation needs to evolve into. World-renowned futurists Amy Webb, Melanie Subin, and Mark Bryan can help you find the answer.

From their work at top-level foresight and strategy firm the Future Today Institute (FTI), which was founded by Webb, and where she currently leads as CEO, these three tech and emerging trends visionaries know that every industry is in a highly competitive race toward innovation. These experts advise the world’s leading organisations on how to get out ahead of the competition, showing them the finish line before the race has even begun. They work with leaders and their teams every step of the way—identifying the organisation’s goals, formulating a plan to get ahead of the innovative curve, and putting that plan into motion.

FTI’s futurists don’t just reserve their insights for consulting sessions. They bring the same expert-level industry knowledge and progressive mindset to the stage in keynote speaking engagements all over the world. Webb, Subin, and Bryan are all exclusively represented by Leading Authorities speakers bureau.

Amy Webb

World-Renowned Futurist; Founder & CEO of the Future Today Institute and Professor, Strategic Foresight at New York University Stern School of Business

As founder and CEO of the Future Today Institute, Amy Webb identifies hidden tech and business trends and uses her insights to mobilise organisations to prepare for the future. She pioneered a data-driven, technology-led foresight methodology that has been adopted by Fortune 100 and Global 1000 companies, in order to power growth and purposeful decision-making. As Webb inspires leaders and their teams to think like futurists, she shares actionable insights for managing the present while preparing for the future. She believes that the challenges facing businesses and society are interconnected across disciplines, and her humorous and dynamic speeches provide her audience with the tools to face those challenges.

Webb frequently appears on and is cited in leading media outlets. She shared compelling insights on how top companies are using tech for growth in this interview with Investor’s Business Daily.

Webb’s annual “Tech Trends Report” is among the most anticipated and widely attended sessions at the SXSW conference and festival each year. Watch the 2023 Report below.

Melanie Subin

Futurist; Trends, Scenarios, & Strategic Foresight Leader; Managing Director, Future Today Institute

In her work as Managing Director at the Future Today Institute, Melanie Subin draws on more than 15 years of experience consulting with leading Fortune 1000 companies as she helps top organisations navigate their futures. Subin spearheads the Institute’s strategic foresight and future studies consultation initiatives. She is passionate about using data analysis trends to solve intricate puzzles facing the business world, and she provides an intriguing analysis of these puzzles in her speeches.

Like Webb, Subin frequently shares her insights and foresight on popular news programmes and podcasts. She breaks down the latest tech and trends in this appearance on “The GritDaily Podcast.”

Mark Bryan

Senior Foresight Manager, Future Today Institute

Mark Bryan, Senior Foresight Manager at the Future Today Institute, ties together principles of psychology, culture, and human behaviour to create future-focused growth strategies for the world’s leading organisations. Bryan’s expertise spans across industries. He’s worked alongside national retail brands, higher education institutions, nonprofits, multi-family developers, and large corporate clients to evolve them from market leaders to market innovators. In his talks, Bryan uses his dynamic speaking style to engage his audience and explore surprising technological trends.

Bryan penned two Fast Company articles, in which he highlights the five benefits of hiring a chief futurist officer, as well as how to future-proof your company with a cultural analysis.

Samantha Jordan

Futurist; Consultant, the Future Today Institute

As a futurist and consultant at FTI, Sam Jordan helps organizations dissect the complexities of upcoming opportunities, while also factoring the inherent risks. Her analysis of the data and trends in the ever-changing tech landscape gets organizations unstuck and ready to develop and implement their own customized, future-focused strategies for evolving their businesses. Jordan infuses her talks with a compelling blend of passion and conviction as she leads a fascinating exploration into artificial intelligence, computing, meta-science, and advancements in technology.

Jordan authors the “Future of Computing” and “Future of Space” sections of the Future Today Institute’s annual Tech Trends Report, downloaded more than one million times every year. 


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