Jessie Hayes-Stallings

Beauty Industry Leader, Founder & CEO of Skinphorea Facial Bar, and Creator of RevitalizeU Skincare Line
Speaker Jessie Hayes-Stallings
  • Founded Skinphorea, the first facial bar and acne clinic in Metro Detroit
  • Investor & mentor who launched apprenticeship program that offers aspiring estheticians to earn their licenses and full-time positions at Skinphorea
  • Member of inaugural cohort of Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneurs Access Network for minority business leaders & named 2019’s Diversity Business Leader by Corp Magazine
  • Draws from experiences building her brands from the ground up to provide strategies to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, stay ahead of disruption, and foster innovation

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A beauty industry vanguard, Jessie Hayes-Stallings is the founder and CEO of Skinphorea Facial Bar & Acne Clinic who took her passion for skincare and manifested it into the first facial bar and acne clinic in Metro Detroit — a concept that has made waves in the industry. Noticing a gap in the market for the on-the-go client with limited time for professional skincare services, she created an express service that offers women a faster, best-in-class facial spa experience without breaking the bank.

Exclusively represented by Leading Authorities speakers bureau, Hayes-Stallings draws on her experience disrupting the beauty industry to share how to effectively pitch your business, focus on making an impression that can set you up for early-stage success, and develop an entrepreneurial mindset to stand out from the competition and tackle any challenge. Often the only woman or African American — or both — in a room full of decision-makers, she shares how she’s gained the confidence to realize she deserves to be there as much as anyone else, and demonstrates how you can do the same.

Hayes-Stallings has set Skinphorea apart by providing customers with medical-grade skin treatments while creating an elevated and personalized, yet convenient relaxation experience. Currently, Skinphorea serves more than 8,000 clients and 200 monthly VIPs, while also having an extensive waitlist for its popular 90-day acne bootcamp.

Even as she seeks to grow her businesses, which also include the RevitalizeU skincare line, Hayes-Stallings is focused on building something others can benefit from as well. Not only does she create experiences for Skinphorea’s skincare clients, she also creates opportunities for beauty industry hopefuls. As an investor and a mentor, she has partnered with the state to develop an apprenticeship program that offers aspiring estheticians the opportunity to train to earn their esthetic license at Skinphorea before being offered a full-time position at the growing company. Since opening, she has provided jobs and on-site training for 35 metro Detroit natives. With the opening of her second location and training facility, she will create even more jobs to boost her local economy. 

The business world has taken notice of Hayes-Stallings and the success of Skinphorea. She has been featured in Black Enterprise, Rolling Out Magazine, INC Magazine, and DBusiness. Her accolades include being named 2019’s Diversity Business Leader by Corp! Magazine, as well as a member of the Top 40 Under 40 by Michigan Chronicle. In 2021, she was announced as part of the inaugural cohort of Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneurs Access Network, an executive-level education program designed to elevate African American and Latinx-owned businesses through mentorship, resources, and network-building. Hayes-Stallings is also an alumna of both Goldman Sachs and Build Institute, and was voted class speaker for Cohort 13.

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Behind the Business: The Makings of an Industry Disruptor. A lifelong passion for beauty and the ability to identify a gap in the industry laid the framework for Jessie Hayes-Stallings’ Skinphorea and RevitalizeU skincare empire. As Hayes-Stallings revisits stories from her beginnings as an entrepreneur and into the present day, she shares with audiences the obstacles she faced, how she was able to overcome them, and her keys to success as she built her brands from the ground up – all while creating opportunities for other beauty industry hopefuls in her community along the way.

Operating With an Entrepreneurial Mindset. Those who operate entrepreneurially often feel better equipped to tackle challenges both professionally and personally by creating opportunities rather than waiting for them to appear. They’re self-motivated, creative, driven, and use failure as ammunition to accomplish their goals. In this presentation, beauty industry disruptor, business owner, and CEO Jessie Hayes-Stallings will draw from her own experience creating the Skinphorea empire to share how she identified a gap in the beauty space, launched a business that stood out from the competition, and positioned her company for early-stage growth – inspiring groups to implement elements of the entrepreneurial mindset for their own success.

Adapting Your Business in the Face of Uncertainty. No business is bulletproof. The most successful organizations are the ones that are future-focused and willing and ready to adapt when unforeseen circumstances arise. According to Jessie Hayes-Stallings, “you should always be thinking of how you’re going to pivot before you have to.”

At the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, Hayes-Stallings needed to reimagine her Skinphorea facial bar business model to combat the disruption facing the beauty industry. Looking to similar businesses, she devised new revenue streams that were totally different, and better, than the competition. Pivoting her offerings to add additional, safe services with high profit margins (such as virtual consultations and a laser hair removal membership plan), while also providing added benefits to her customers and employees, she was able to not only make Skinphorea more pandemic-proof, but also introduce new ideas that will add value long after this period of uncertainty. In this talk, she details the process for adapting her business to overcome the challenges presented by Covid-19 and beyond – sharing how others can do the same and foster forward-looking, innovative ideas to stay ahead of disruption.

You Belong: Overcoming Self-Doubt. The life of a business owner is not without its peaks and valleys. As she built her Skinphorea and RevitalizeU businesses, Hayes-Stallings found herself time and again having to prove herself and feeling as though she didn’t always belong. Often the only woman or African American — or both — in a room full of decision-makers, she shares how, in time, she gained the confidence and determination to believe she did belong and could make an important impact in the beauty industry. In this talk, she speaks to how we often are our own worst enemies and provides attendees tips for overcoming the feelings of imposter syndrome in order to reach their full potential.

What They Don’t Tell You About Pitching Your Business. There have been countless great ideas that never got off the ground because the minds behind them couldn’t effectively sell the concept. As someone with invaluable experience pitching her businesses to decision-makers, often to those outside of the beauty industry, Hayes-Stallings offers audiences expert insights on delivering a winning pitch and creating a lasting impression with the people who can help take their businesses to the next level.  

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