The 4 Faces Of Leadership: Personal Leadership

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Leadership takes many forms:

      Which kind of leadership insights are you looking for at your next meeting or event? Leading Authorities represents experts in all four fields.

      Below is a list of Personal Leadership Speakers (Overcoming Obstacles, Self Motivation, Building a Team).

      Military and Government Leaders

      General Michael Hayden is the former director of the CIA and the NSA. He addresses leading complex and sensitive organizations during crises and how leaders can apply the lessons he learned over the years to their own organizations. This includes discussing how to recognize when to shake things up and innovate at an organization, when to focus on stabilization, developing the effective qualities of a leader, and how to gauge leadership styles to the situation.

      General Stanley McChrystal is the former commander of US and international forces in Afghanistan and a best-selling author. He shares lessons based on leading and innovating at the Army, where he brought together intelligence from America’s most siloed and cloaked agencies. He reveals the power of culture, communication, and relationships and addresses key leadership principles like transparency, inclusion, leveraging the power of teams, leading by influence, and relentless focus.

      Rear Admiral Scott Moore is the former deputy commander of Naval Special Warfare Command. His experience runs the gamut from leading small groups to large-scale tactical planning. He focuses on how to transform individuals into a cohesive team and how to select talent that complements each other’s strengths and compensates for weaknesses. He shares stories about the three most important factors affecting teams—leadership, trust, and peak performance.

      Matt Olsen is the former director of the National Counterterrorism Center. He has served in leadership roles tackling some of the most challenging security issues facing the nation and helped create solutions that emphasized collaboration across organizations, overcoming bureaucratic silos while balancing competing interests. He conveys his discerning views on leadership in demanding, high-performing organizations and his hard-earned lessons on leadership in the midst of a crisis.

      Admiral Eric Olson is the former commander of the U.S. Special Operations Command. He shares insights on leadership and how small and large organizations can develop highly productive teams. He believes that it is critical to success that leaders intentionally challenge their people in order to expose their character and weaknesses and prove to them that they are stronger than they thought. He also discusses how to create an inclusive environment where it is ok to fail.


      Ben Saunders is a world record-breaking polar explorer and a repeat TED speaker. He was the first to successfully complete the epic, 105-day trek to the South Pole and back again. Saunders shares insights on how to motivate and lead yourself and others when faced by seemingly insurmountable challenges and harsh odds. He shares stories about how to rise to the challenge in front of you and embrace adversity in order to push past boundaries and reach your true potential.

      Erik Weihenmayer is a world-class blind adventurer. He was the first blind person to summit Mount Everest and blind solo kayak the Grand Canyon. He believes the most important aspect of leadership is how we pass it on to others, and he describes the key components for shattering barriers and pioneering possibilities—a drive to lead and elevate others. He shows audiences how to dig deep and propel themselves to new places that they would never get to any other way.

      Business Leaders

      Michael Beschloss is the nation’s leading presidential historian and the best-selling author of nine books. He trained at the Harvard Business School in leadership studies and shares iconic stories about the most brilliant successes and the most lethal mistakes from leaders in politics and business—and shows what they can teach us. He offers the four key elements of a leader and offers insights on how we can apply the best from pivotal leadership moments to our own organizations.

      Marshall Goldsmith is a world-renowned thought leader and repeat best-selling author in leadership development and executive coaching. He has been honored by every professional organization in his field. He shares proven, research-based tools and practical strategies for development that help audiences achieve measurable changes in leadership behavior. His presentations focus on how organizations develop leaders who drive growth, success, and innovation.

      Susan O’Malley is the former president of Washington Sports and Entertainment and the first female president of a professional sports franchise. She outlines the seven ‘rules’ for leadership and life. A trailblazer for herself and others, she offers vital insights for leaders of all stripes, and her entertaining stories and sharp wit make her lessons memorable. She leaves listeners entertained and uplifted and with practical takeaways for their own lives and businesses.

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