The Four Faces of Leadership: Internal Leadership

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Leadership takes many forms, including:

Which kind of leadership insights are you looking for at your next meeting or event? We represent experts in all four fields.

Here is a list of Internal Leadership Speakers (HBS Business Model and Strategy Leadership) for you to consider:

Warren Berger is a popular business journalist and the international best-selling author of A More Beautiful Question and Glimmer. He talks about the evolution of the new “questioning leader” in these times of greater complexity and uncertainty. He shows how great leaders are able to find the best questions to ask—even when leaders are supposed to “have the answers,” and he looks at how they can inspire those around them to question more and better.

Vijay Govindarajan is a world-renowned professor, the best-selling author of Beyond the Idea, and a Thinker50 Global Business Award-winning expert on strategy and innovation. He looks at how to identify market opportunities that could transform your industry, lead growth, leverage core competencies, execute breakthrough strategies, and structure the organizational DNA to anticipate and respond to changes on a continual basis.

Anil Gupta is a Thinkers50 thought leader on strategy and globalization and the co-author of Getting China and India Right, The Quest for Global Dominance, and The Silk Road Rediscovered. He focuses on the key questions that business leaders must address to develop winning strategies and offers frameworks to answer these questions. Through case studies and examples, he showcases companies that are getting it right and engaging in deep, on-the-ground understanding of the major economies.

Rita McGrath is expert on business strategy in uncertain environments, an acclaimed Thinkers50 thought leader, and author. She walks through an approach to leading change that addresses how to motivate change, inspire those affected, and break through the obstacles that stand in the way. She takes on the substantive and symbolic challenges of dealing with resistance and offers a diagnostic tool which leaders can use to determine where they can usefully place their emphasis.

Barry Nalebuff is the co-founder of Honest Tea, an expert on using game theory to improve business strategy, and the best-selling author of six books. He walks audiences through the practical applications of game theory in order to help them create new strategies. He shows goes beyond the old rules of competition and cooperation to combine the advantages of both, leveraging an organization’s internal and external business relationships.

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