AI and Robotics Expert on Tech Trends to Watch

If you have an upcoming event that’s going to be looking at the future of work, the role of innovation in business, or the 2017 operating environment, we encourage you to take a look at AI and robotics expert Neil Jacobstein.

Neil is a highly-respected voice in Silicon Valley who has ties to Stanford and Singularity. He stopped by our office last week to give his new talk on the effects of AI/robotics on business and it went over very well.

This is a high-level talk given in plain English—it’s both easy to follow and challenges conventional wisdom, explaining:

  • How companies like Google are using AI-enhanced algorithms to cut their heating and cooling budgets by 40%
  • Why the most innovative companies (Apple, Alphabet, Samsung) are acquiring small AI start-ups like Viv and Turi
  • The evolving relationship between human learning and machine learning
  • How technology can be responsibly used to solve some of humanity’s grand challenge problems.

Neil has customizable examples for any industry ripe for disruption, including financial services, manufacturing, and technology.

If this sounds like a good fit for an upcoming event, or to check fees and availability, please fill out the form below.

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