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How has your organization adapted its strategy to operate in more sustainable, environmentally friendly ways? As businesses consider how they can continue to grow while prioritizing environmental stewardship, these sustainability experts share innovative ideas and practical solutions for how organizations can work toward a more eco-conscious future. These speakers are at the forefront of sustainability, green innovation, and environmental conservation, and advise organizations across industries on the steps they can take to align their profitability and sustainability goals.

dr. sammy ramsey posing with his arms folded

Dr. Sammy Ramsey, Inspirational Changemaker in Science & Society, Cutting-Edge Communicator

Credited with making a breakthrough discovery that could solve the global bee pandemic, Dr. Sammy Ramsey explores the intersection of entomology, sustainability, and business, and offers strategies organizations can adopt to so that they can go green while operating in the black. 

susan desmond-hellmann smiling

Susan Desmond-Hellmann, Former CEO, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

One of the most innovative thinkers on how to change the world for the better, Susan Desmond-Hellmann gets businesses thinking about the steps they can take to move toward operating in more eco-friendly ways. 

jessica o matthews

Jessica O. MatthewsInnovator and CEO, Uncharted

Recognized for her dedication to sustainable innovation by President Bill Clinton, Jessica O. Matthews draws from her experiences leading the game-changing data infrastructure company that is reshaping our cities for more sustainable future to share purpose-driven strategies for how organizations can adapt, innovate, and create solutions to address the needs of people and the environment. 

michael steep addressing the audience during a keynote


Michael Steep, Legendary Tech Pioneer & Operating Executive; Founding Executive Director, Stanford Program for Disruptive Technology & Innovation

Having spent his entire career operating at the leading edge of innovation, Michael Steep possesses unparalleled insight into the technologies and solutions that are helping businesses pave the way for a greener future. His focus is on what companies need to do to design and build sustainability into the architectures of how business is carried out. 

samuel bertram picture rendered in black and white

Samuel Bertram, Pragmatic Futurist, Agricultural Entrepreneur, Global Changemaker

On a mission to stamp out world hunger and lead society into a more sustainable future, Samuel Bertram shares can’t-miss insights on how the environment is being impacted by everyday human activity. In doing so, he offers actionable takeaways for organizations looking to do good while doing well. 

seth goldman in the outdoors, with a collared shirt, smiling


Seth Goldman, Co-Founder of Eat the Change, PLNT Burger, & Honest Tea; Chair of the Board of Beyond Meat

A leader in mission-driven, sustainable entrepreneurship, Seth Goldman presents a simple-to-apply innovation framework that any organization can refer to in order to develop sustainable solutions to their business challenges, drive growth, and stay true to their values. 

steve boyes smiling, arms folded


Steve Boyes, Conservationist and National Geographic Explorer

Steve Boyes takes audiences on a thrilling adventure as he retraces his expeditions into the world’s last untouched wilderness. He draws from his experiences working to preserve the Okavango Delta in Botswana to emphasize the importance of conservation and sustainability, and challenge groups to view the world and their impact on it from a fresh perspective. 

mark bryan smiling, wearing glasses, a blazer, and collared shirt


Mark Bryan, Senior Foresight Manager, Future Today Institute

A sought-after advisor to the organizations on the trends that will reshape business and the world in the near- and long-term future, Mark Bryan unveils a blueprint for how organizations can harness sustainability as a competitive advantage. 

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