Consumer Trends Expert Paco Underhill


Our team is excited to bring to your attention Paco Underhill, one of the world's leading behavioral scientists. His company, Envirosell, works with a wide range of industries interested in better understanding their customers. Envirosell helps clients design better experiences that ultimately drive bottom line value and growth.

Underhill, who is the author of the New York Times best-selling book, Why We Buy, The Science of Shopping, works with many companies across the nation and around the world to design spaces that better advance their strategic objectives.

He is involved in the design of airports, train stations, hotels, shopping centers, cities, and online shopping experiences.

Underhill's clients range from Amazon to Goldman Sachs. A compelling speaker, he provides unique insights in better understanding customers and incorporating design that drives growth and financial ROI.

Most recently, He has used his understanding of human psychology for the benefit of leading technology companies.

To learn more about Paco Underhill, or to check his availability and fees for an upcoming event, call 1-800-SPEAKER or live chat with a member of our team right now. 

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