Have You Seen Donna Brazile Speak?

Professional headshot of Donna Brazile

If you’ve seen Donna Brazile speak, you know she’s full of energy, cracks jokes, and loves to stir the pot. If you haven’t yet had an opportunity to book her for an event, we definitely think she's someone you should consider.

Donna is the former interim chairperson for the DNC. Her experience during the 2016 election cycle put her in the eye of the storm during one of the most unexpected and tumultuous elections in American political history. Her 2017 speeches are sure to be a fascinating look at the state of American politics, what to expect from the current Administration, and her shrewd analysis of where we’re headed.

If you’re not familiar with Donna, she is a political expert and veteran strategist known for:

  • Working on every presidential campaign since 1976
  • Her close working relationships with the biggest names in politics and media—she has access like few politicos in Washington today
  • Her cameos on House of Cards, best-selling memoir Cooking with Grease: Stirring the Pots in American Politics, and her many appearances on network news and in magazines including O: The Oprah Magazine and Essence

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