New Exclusive: Trader Joe’s Doug Rauch

Featuring Doug Rauch

Leading Authorities is proud to announce exclusive representation of Doug Rauch, a legendary president of Trader Joe’s. He was instrumental in leading the company’s transformation from a 7/11 knockoff to a nationally-acclaimed retail success story and what Fortune magazine called the “hottest retailer in the U.S.”

In entertaining and eye-opening presentations, he shares insights on building a great business based on culture, innovation, leadership, and teamwork. Through his experience at the popular grocer, Rauch has learned to be a master of innovation. With the mantra “innovate or die,” he shows leaders how to consistently push for new and better ways to perform, and he believes the most important first step is creating the right organizational culture. Audiences walk away with knowledge of how to create a self-sustaining culture of innovation, build a brand in a competitive marketplace, and lead with a purpose.

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