New Speaker from Google & Warby Parker

Kumar Anjali standing on a staircase

We just got to see a new speaker named Anjali Kumar who is a former Google and Warby Parker executive. She is personable and funny and talks about the takeaways she learned over almost a decade spent working for two of the more innovative companies in the retail and tech spaces today.

Her charismatic presentation gets audiences to rethink current business models and ask yourself important questions like—

  • What does it mean for a company to be an innovator in 2016?
  • What role does and should social responsibility play in defining a brand’s image?
  • What should businesses be doing now to remain impactful in 5-7 years time?

Anjali’s also currently working on a new book and hosting a web series alongside Questlove of the band The Roots.

What do you think? If you’d like more info on Anjali, please fill out the form below.

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